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What ho!


Hi all,

So, I'm a young Australian student with a grumpy old British gentleman in charge in the brain box. (oh dear)

Presently I'm working on a long piece that I intend to serialize on Youtube, iTunes and a few other places as an audiobook. I guess it's technically fantasy, but it takes place in a very different world to most of the fantasy works I've read. Supposedly I have a good speaking voice, I'll let the rest of you decide in time.

In my spare time I'm a amateur historian, miniature wargamer, computer gamer, painter, sculpter, mouldmaker and rules designer. I spend a great deal of time doing things which aren't worth a great deal to anyone.

Pleasure to make everyone's acquaintance.

C.S. Ellis (and yes, those initials are part of my name!)


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met CSEllis of Australia
Good to have you here.
I don't have the voice for it myself but I like idea of Audio-books. Done well, the words orated can move mountains...
A friend has published their stuff through BandCamp [download the audio file and a free pdf of the poems].
It works for them.


Thank you Joe

I'm afraid I'm in the business of perhaps moving half a molehill at present (on a good day - with nice weather).

I have the audacity to do the recording with audacity, so we'll see how that goes. I hadn't thought of attaching the written word as part of it however, I'll have a think about that.