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What the Dreamscape is about


Queen of Titania
Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Dreamscape. This Forum is dedicated to the exploration, discussion and enjoyment of Dreams as a source of inspiration for Fantasy Storytelling. Every night we go to sleep, and that means that we dream. Many times, the dreams that we experience can help us to improve our work with creativity and stories.

Have you ever had a powerful dream that could easily become a Fantasy story? Have you sometimes experienced a meaningful dream that helps you with a particular scene in your story? Do you have intense and exciting dreams in which you explore surprising situations and unusual settings?

In that case, this is the Forum for you!

Even if your dreams are nothing special, here in The Dreamscape we shall discuss techniques that can help you to improve your dreaming life. We are going to talk about Dream Journals, Dream Recall, Dream Incubation and even more. Lucid Dreaming discussions are coming, as well.

Great inspiration and ideas can come from dreams, and that benefits us in Fantasy writing.

We are going to have sticky threads dedicated to certain areas in particular, but please feel free to create your own threads and posts too. That's all for now, and enjoy The Dreamscape!