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World of Riseadum (posted for development and review)


World Setting – Risadum (Rise-a-doom): Part 1

Technology – The fictional world that I'm working on is set in a very early industrial age. To be more detailed the industry within the story is very production specific. It's limited to certain items and has not yet overtaken society as a whole, aside from what items are manufactured, primarily two types of engines and firearms (both hand and rifle variety), most everything else is still made by hand. Because of this you can still see a lot of technological mixture. Even swords and armor still tend to be hand forged because of the higher quality involved. Yet technology is creeping forward as more and more things are becoming manufactured.

Magic – Within Risadum magic is very real, Magi (the common term of mystic types) can hurl fireballs, summon massive pillars of water, fly, it's by and large a high magic setting. However magic within the story is slightly different. Instead of being some great mystical force, drawn from ley lines, or granted by some great force/being, it's entirely internalized.

Mysticism is also starting to give way to logic and reason as the term 'magic' is still quite common, but in the story setting about 100 years ago the practice was officially renamed Energy Sciences. The reason for this is because in order to achieve these otherwise magical effects someone must harness, amplify, manipulate, and project (termed HAMP) using their own internal energy to achieve what would otherwise be seen as supernatural.

Government – The world of mankind is still governed by the feudal monarchy system. While there are some slight variations on the monarchy design they are kingdoms in which the king has near or total autonomy to do as he pleases. This form of government has existed as long as the people can remember and is in good standing. There is no desire or movement to change to another form of government thereby approaching what one might term the early stages of 'modern feudalism'.

Population - The population of Risadum isn't anywhere near what Earth's is. This is the result of two primary factors. The first is that farming is still done by ox and cart, or manually. Because of the lack of industrialization in this area production is limited which hampers population growth when compared to modern farming on Earth. The second is the wildlife of the planet, most commonely referred to as monsters. A lot like most fantasy stories the creatures of Risadum can be fantastic, magical, powerful, and dangerous.

Outside of the urban population centers that have been pacified, most of the world remains untamed and to an extent, unexplored. Because of how dangerous it can be outside of cities the average citizen doesn't wander too far for fear of being attacked. These two factors combined have kept the population of the world, despite their technological advancements, to around 100 million people. It's not impossible for them to grow and expand, but is it hard.

Monster Hunter's Guild

Often referred to simply as MHG this single organization is the oldest in existence, predating the world's three major powers and is what the main hero of the story is associated with (more on both later). The MHG is wealthy and powerful, but maintains complete political neutrality. They don't involve themselves in politics and have been very careful throughout the centuries to limit their involvement with kingdoms and kings to matters pertaining to their job.

Because of this they are the only organization that can move between the three kingdoms with relatively little entanglements. As a result of their political neutrality and carefully monitoring their members to make sure they don't stray from this ideology, the MHG has earned the trust of the three powers. The guild's existence is both supported and appreciated by the three kingdoms because they take care of any monster problems that might appear leaving the normal military to focus on one another.

As there are three major political powers there are three main guild headquarters, one for each kingdom. The highest level of their organization is the guild master, of which there are only ever three at any given time. All three branches maintain full autonomy from one another, but do at times meet to discuss matters of concern to them. No one branch has the legal authority to compel another to do something. There are no formal annual meetings these tend to be on an as needed basis.

Infighting within the guild is rare in any true sense of the word. As the members often work in teams of five there is competition, sometimes heated and even unfriendly. They can face both legal charges from the kingdom for attacking a person for openly fighting, and expulsion from the guild if the offense is serious enough. This is something that every guild member is aware of, which can be tricky at times when venturing into another kingdom on business. Often times when this occurs and time permits, guild members will request a legal adviser to accompany them into a foreign land to avoid any unintentional breaking of laws.

Established Parts of the MHG

Hunters – They comprise the bulk of the MHG, they respond to reports of hostile monster activity, fight vicious creatures, and keep people safe. As one might imagine they are the most knowledgeable on how to deal with monster threats and are much better at this than even the standard military, who tends to focus on fighting people instead of monsters. Hunters are expert trackers, combatants, and know what strengths or weaknesses monsters tend to have.

Standard Hunter Party

Combat Heavy – The combat heavy is the one who runs into the conflict sword swinging and gun blazing. They get up close and personal with the target and know the best means to take them down through sheer brute force. If brute force doesn't work, then the combat heavy will intentionally distract the target and keep them occupied while other members move into position to take the monster down through other means. Parties usually have two heavies.

Magi – The magi is the group's mystic, the one who is versed is the arts of combat magic. They are vital to the survival of hunting parties as some monsters have specific mystical vulnerabilities, or are highly resistant to physical attacks. Magi also know the best methods to defend against monster who have natural inborn mystical abilities of their own. Because of their scholarly nature these party members also tend to serve as the group's thinker.

Scout – These hunters specialize in tracking monsters, running ahead of the party to keep an eye out for trouble, and recognizing signs of danger. They also tend to focus on combat tactics and baiting targets into following them so the other hunters can spring an ambush. Because of their job requirements scouts are athletic, favor light armor and weapons, and are without a doubt the fastest runner in the group. Almost 90% of guild scouts would be able to compete with Olympic level athletes while carrying their full compliment of gear.

Support – The role of support is also filled by magi, however they are not combat oriented. They are the groups mystic healer and defender. The one who treats injuries, raises protective barriers, and casts enchantments to augment the party's combat abilities. While they are not combat oriented they do still maintain a small compliment of mystic abilities that can inflict damage for personal protection. They can fight physically, but like combat magi their prowess isn't impressive. Because of their generally benevolent nature these party members tend to be peace keepers within the party in the event of internal conflict, as well as the diplomat.

Mix and Match – Naturally there are those who will sometimes mix disciplines such as combat heavies who have some mystic abilities, or mystics who can double as a scout in a pinch. Although by and large it's extremely rare for someone to excel in two areas because of the time, effort, and training required. More often than one one will focus in a specific area and dabble in the other.

Gatherers – The gathers are a specialized faction of hunters comprising about 20% of their ranks. While they can respond to monster threats just like normal hunters this isn't their primary function. Much like we harvest animals on Earth, using them for food, medicine, and other applications, the gathers do the same of monsters. The majority of what they gather is used by the guild for their own needs and they careful not to over hunt monsters and threaten their population.

There are also some gatherers who don't hunt at all. They run monster farms operated by the guild in order to supplement the need for raw materials. These roles tend to be filled by guild members who are too old to go into the field anymore. When there is a surplus of materials the guild needs to get rid of, they will sell to merchants, though this is infrequent. They sell to merchant and not the general public to avoid causing waves in the local marketplace.
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World Setting – Risadum (Rise-a-doom): Part 2

Guild Structure

Administration – The administration as the name implies are the upper echelons of the guild structure who keeps things running in a smooth, orderly, and in an effective manner. Because their duties are quite demanding and their importance to guild operation, the administration rarely venture into the field. When it comes time to elect a new guild leader, this is accomplished by means of internal vote by the head of the various guild departments. One is not allowed to nominate themselves for leadership. While there is no strict policy about who can be elected guild leader, roughly 7/10 come from the ranks of hunters.

Guild Master's Office – The guild master's office is where all the highest level decisions occur. Ranging from decisions on guild finances, to hunter deployment, and even personally overseeing delicate negotiations. Anything too sensitive for other departments to handle often fall to the guild master and his office. Though he normally allows offices to handle their business, the guild master is actively involved in all aspects of the organization's operation and management. He is most often accompanied by a personal secretary and also has an appointed second in command. However the SiC normally doesn't do much outside his normal guild duties. This position is mostly designed to be activated in the event the guild master is unable to perform his duties, although things are occasionally delegated to help lighten the GM's plate.

Treasury – The treasury department is just what it sounds like. They handle all of the guild's finances, everything from paying for shipments of goods to handling the weekly payroll for each member. One of the more interesting aspects of cooperation between the three guilds is that if a member is on an extended mission and unable to pick up their normal paycheck, they can drop by the branch office of another, present their identification card, and pick up their pay.

The other guild branch then sends a payment requisition form to the member's home office to collect the payment they gave out. This service is offered freely without a service charge. The guilds also pay expenses for their members such as travel, food, lodging, replacement/repair of weapons/armor and other officially sanctioned costs incurred during missions. Members are of course required to present receipts for reimbursement.

Because most kingdom sponsorships of guilds only cover basic operation costs they are also required to generate a lot of their own money. This generally comes in the form of monster farms where the creatures are bred, then harvested for food and valuable body parts which are sold of local merchants. A guild also normally has numerous investments in local businesses to generate money, but more often than not they are silent partners. The guild itself doesn't charge for hunting creatures because it is both a public service and in doing so there would be people unable to afford their services and thus be denied protection. Most mission payment comes in the form of harvesting kills.

M.A.D. - The Mission Assessment and Deployment office is one of the most critical offices within the guild. When a person, organization, or kingdom requires help from the guild they go to the M.A.D. office. There they go through a lengthy interview process to provide the guild with as much information as possible about the situation that needs to be dealt with and any monsters involved. There is a three step process in dealing with monster attacks.

The first is for someone to report an attack and give the guild as much information as possible. The second step, which normally occurs within a day or two at most, is to deploy a group of scouts to assess the situation and give a field report. The third is for the M.A.D. office to review the situation and all information available. From there they issue an official mission document along with a threat assessment. The threat assessment includes a recommendation for minimum rank of any group leader being deployed to ensure the hunters have the needed experience to handle the situation.

Legal Corp – Because monster don't understand borders and tend to go where they please, hunters at times have to cross borders to track them. This most often occurs when hunting monster who are confirmed human killers. These are the primary target of hunters and will be run to ground without mercy. If time permits hunters who have to cross borders will ask for the help of a legal adviser to avoid causing waves into foreign lands. It's not at all uncommon to see a small legal corp building near kingdom borders so that hunters can quickly access their services on the go.

This is also where cooperation between guilds tends to show through the most. The advisers who accompany hunters are most often from the kingdom they're entering rather than members of the hunter's own guild as they are the most well versed in kingdom law. Although every member of the guild is able to fight, advisers tend to be the least combat oriented and prefer only to engage monsters for the purpose of self defense.

Recruiting Corp – The corp is responsible for finding and training new recruits for the guild. There are four paths a person can seek to train for when trying to join the guild. Combat, Magi, Scout, or Support are the options available and everyone is given an assessment test to show where they would be best, however a recruit is not restricted in their choice. The assessment is to help them, but ultimately how a person contributes, if they can pass basic training, is up to them.

The roles of magi and support are the ones requiring the most knowledge and education. Because of their mystical nature, recruits in these two schools general require a minimum of a full year's worth of training as compared to the the six months for scout of combat heavy. Most recruits spend the majority of their training in a classroom with their faces stuck in a book. It's only during the last three month of training they begin to go into the field under the supervision of a senior guild trainer and fight monsters under controlled conditions. Physical and weapon training usually only comprises one month of their education.

Those who train for the roles of scout or combat heavy are the opposite of the magi. They spend the majority of their training undergoing physical conditioning and being taught the use of both ranged and melee weapons. Of the 'two schools' within the guild the combat path is the most physically demanding and an estimated 6/10 applicants wash out at some point. Those who do pass will go one to become some of the most physically fit and capable monster combatants around.

Repository – The repository is a library where the guild keeps all of their knowledge and experience regarding monsters both extinct and newly appearing. They document more than just combat techniques and means to kill them. Records also include life cycles, mating, normal habitats, preferred food, behavior, and more. Nearly everything about a creature is documented in the repository. The guild also makes money charging non-guild members day passes for access to the library. Many biologists and other scientists find it an invaluable resource when their work requires such information.

Hunter Ranks – There are eleven ranks a hunter can achieve once they complete basic training and are no longer considered a recruit. All members fresh out of training start at Rank 10 and the lower their rank the more seniority they have. Rank 1 is actually the second highest only to Senior Hunter. Senior Hunter is the highest rank a guild members can achieve without becoming part of the administration.

Note: There's about five more pages of information, however I'm posting this in parts to make it easier to digest, and so things can be reviewed a bit at a time and not overwhelm readers and reviewers.
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I do like the "monster hunter" theme you've got going on there. I'm eager to read what nations you have planned for this world next, being a sucker for multicultural worlds.

Philip Overby

Article Team
Yeah, all this sounds cool. I'm a sucker for monster hunter stories myself (you can read almost anything I've ever written. It seems to be an ongoing theme.) The structure reminds me of some video games and anime in a way. I like the vibe it has in any case.


World Setting — Risadum (Rise-a-doom): Part 3

The Tripod

The Tripod is a common reference used to refer to the three largest kingdoms in Riseadum which have an uneasy peace with each other. This balance is maintained in part by each of the three kingdoms having a military superiority in one of three areas, land, sea, or air. It's not to say that the other kingdoms don't have capabilities in these areas because they do, however each is notably superior to the other two in one area. Part of the uneasy peace is maintained by the fact that each of the major powers requires a vital resource from another kingdom for this superiority.

Dasine — The kingdom from which the protagonist David comes from. Desine's major military power is land based, not only are their soldiers without a doubt the meanest in the field, they are equipped with weapons and armor made from (metal x) which gives them a decided advantage in combat. Because of this Desine has focused much of their military development on their ground forces. As such their soldiers are stronger, faster, and better trained than any other ground based military force. Even without equipment made from (metal x) they would still be a force to be reckoned with. In the past soldiers from Desine have proven this by simultaneously fighting soldiers from (kingdom 2) and (kingdom 3) to a complete standstill.

It was around the time of the establishment of the Tripod that Dasine discovered how to smelter (metal x). Before that time the ore was considered relatively worthless because no forge was able to melt it, and thus it couldn't be made into anything. As one might imagine Dasine viciously guards the secret of how to smelter this metal and remains the only one able to do so.

Major Import: (metal x)
Major Export: (crystals)

Kingdom 2 — Kingdom 2 is renown for their airships and a highly advanced air force. Unlike the other kingdoms, who use what could be compared to dirigibles (hot air balloons supporting large armed boats). The airships of Kingdom 2 are easy to tell apart by their four massive rotors supporting twin propeller blades. The top blades rotate clockwise while those located directly below rotate counter clockwise. The airships are known to be stronger, faster, larger and more maneuverable.

The airships themselves are powered by Magi pilots who, are themselves, the energy source for the engines. While the experience is highly draining, and most ships house multiple magi pilots for this reason, the process is refined enough to be 99% safe. Even when an airship engine sustains damage it's extremely rare for the pilot to be harmed because of this. The linkage between engine and pilot also require a specific type of focusing crystal in order to operate.

Major Import: (crystals)
Major Export: (coal)

Kingdom 3 — Last but not least is Kingdom 3 who boast the world's finest naval forces. Unlike other kingdoms who still use sails or rowing oars, the ships of Kingdom 3 are powered by mighty steam engines. As one might imagine it makes these ships much faster than a sailing vessel and capable of moving without the need of wind. Not only do the ships of Kingdom 3 dominate the seas, they are also able to support more weight thereby allowing them to be more heavily armed.

Because of Kingdom 3's focus on naval forces they also have more advanced ship mounted weaponry. Instead of using basic ball and powder cannons, their ships use more modern shells similar to Earth's naval forces. While not quite up to spec, they are stronger, fire farther, and do more damage. This makes the navy of Kingdom 3 a very real threat to enemy coastal towns. In times past they have shelled naval yards and coastal cities into little more than smoking craters.

Major Import: (coal)
Major Export: (metal x)

Resource Balance - In times past the kingdoms did experiment with cutting off the vital resource of one kingdom to weaken their opponents. Dasine cut off the supply of (crystals) to (Kingdom 2) in an effort to weaken them. In response (Kingdom 2) cut off the vital resource of (Kingdom 3) for the specific purpose of putting pressure on Dasine. As Dasine was responsible for starting the problem and (Kingdom 3) caught the backlash, they became angry with (Kingdom 2), and Dasine, thus cutting off the third vital resource. A few variations of this method were tried later on until the three kingdoms finally got it through their heads they were dependent on one another to maintain their military superiority.

War - Because of the delicate balance of military power and resource interdependency, full scale wars are for the most a thing of the past. Not only would it destabilize the balance of power for all three kingdom and just be an all around disaster, protracted wars are generally hell on the economy. This doesn't mean the kingdom don't come into conflict because they do, however most conflicts are brief border skirmishes or brush fire affairs that are eventually settled through diplomacy.

When armies are mobilized and a true conflict takes place, even then they are limit to the scope of the engagement. Because the tripod has existed for over 400 years the three powers have become quite good at making sure not to sell excessive amounts of vital resources to the other two. When war does break out the supply of vital resources naturally stops and the powers are forced to rely on their own limited stockpiles. As a result few wars have ever lasted more than six months. Like other conflicts these almost always end up be settled through diplomacy.

Tense Peace - The three major powers generally don't get along very well. Each society and culture has evolved in considerably different ways and because of this there is both a sense of each power as seeing themselves as the most advanced kingdom, and past conflicts are not quickly forgotten. Despite this the balance of the Tripod has kept the overall peace for more than 400 years, something the common person is quite happy with.

The Sobilious Empire

More than fifteen thousand years ago, in a time when the people of Risadum lived as nomadic tribes, the Sobilious Empire rose to power, boasting a mastery of both technology and magic the likes of which even the modern world can't compete. They were and still are the most advanced society to ever exist within Risadum. How they achieved such a level of advancement so far in the past is something no one knows, but what they do know is how the Sobilian Empire fell.

In the distant past there were once a race of being known as the Voligstyr, though among the common man they were often referred to by names such as the Old Ones, or Titans. Being of enormous stature, often in excess of thirty feet, they were a race who was ancient in a time when mankind was still young. Communication between the two was non-existent and the Volgistyr didn't seem to even acknowledge the existence of humans. Because they lived on the face of Risadum, often walking through human settlements and causing massive damage without regard, at this point most people lived either underground or in mountain caves.

History records that there were once many Volgstyr who walked the face of the land but as time went on their numbers began to wane, and by the time of the Sobilian Empire's rise to power only eight remained. History records this as the first time the Voligstyr took notice of humanity and attacked, though history again has no answer regarding why. Led by the great black beast historians named Arnixargius, the Volgstyr began attacking human settlements wherever they found them. In response to this the Solbious Empire fought back using their greatest technologies and magic.

The war between humanity and the Volgstyr was a brief yet bloody event with millions of people being killed in the fallout. When it seemed that humanity would be wiped out, the empire created their greatest weapon yet, the Runic Codex. By itself the Codex was an artifact of immense power, but when used in conjunction with the Crucible, it's power was magnified to truly fearsome proportions. Purported to have the power to manipulate matter and energy this great weapon was used by the Empire to finally destroy the last of the Volgstyr and bring peace to the land, however short lived it was.

As is often the case when a weapon of incredible power is created and no longer needed, those who made the weapon often fight among themselves for control of it. Those within the Sobilian empire with delusions of grandeur and visions of godhood sought to control the Codex and soon after the end of the war the Sobilian Empire was torn apart by civil war. Before it fell under the weight of it's own power the creator of the Runic Codex, Daliharian Vargas, stole it and the Crucible hiding them both. To this day they remain lost despite countless attempts over the ages to locate them.


The two aspects of religion I've considered is either the big church approach where religion plays a major role. Or relegating faith to a personal background issue that doesn't factor in very much. At this point in time the setting seems to favor small scale faith, though as things continue to develop it may change. Something else to consider is that with big church I would also need to develop several aspects of the faith to flesh it out.


World Setting — Risadum (Rise-a-doom): Final Part

Main Characters

David Ranen — The protagonist of the story, David is a young man who is twenty-nine and a senior hunter. This particular rank is usually achieved by those in their late thirties to early forties. While David's rise through the ranks isn't the fastest in guild history, he has been noted as a promising member and very capable hunter. A combat heavy by training David prefers using a sword and bow rather than a firearm. This is because he dabbles in combat magic and it's easier to channel this energy through an arrow than it is a bullet.

Personality - As he's approaching his thirties David is past the point in his life of being brash, making hasty decisions, and jumping the gun. He is level headed, tactically minded, and quite intelligent. Generally friendly and easy going by nature David is fairly popular within the guild and has several friends and acquaintances. He takes hunting very seriously and joined the guild out of a desire to protect people.

David doesn't do his job for fame or fortune although with a mission completion record in excess of 90% he has amassed a modest amount of both. Despite this it doesn't go to his head. Having joined the guild at the legal age of adulthood, which is sixteen, he has remained with them for the past thirteen years. In all that time David is still largely the same down to earth young man that went though basic training so many years ago.

Desire - The main drive of David is to find the Runic Codex, why, I'm still working on that.

Flaw - Still working on this.

Andre Grant — Andre is the group's second heavy, and the only survivor of another hunter group who were attacked and destroyed by monsters in the field. The dynamic between David (the group leader) and he is somewhat awkward, as Andre is nearly twenty years older. At 6'2” and heavily built he is quite skilled at smashing things with a two-handed war hammer. He is also easily recognized by a suit of custom made armor and short buzz cut brown hair.

One of the most interesting things about Andre is actually his former career prior to joining the guild, which was that of a historian. So one might ask why a historian would suddenly take up such a martial career, the answer is quite simple. History is Andre's passion, but it wasn't paying the bills and he was starving. Another reason for joining the guild rather than standard military was because of something he once said.

“It's one thing to kill a savage beast, but a human being is another matter altogether. I don't to go home at night knowing that I might have killed someone's father, brother, or son. To think that a family will be told their loved one will never come home again because of me, I don't think I could live with that.”

Personality - Loud and boisterous by nature Andre has a deep voice that carries and is the type who is everyone's friend, until someone pisses him off. At this point he can become physically violent, though such outbursts are normally limited to inanimate objects unless physically attacked. Once that happens the fists start flying. Andre is the type who often wears his emotions in his sleeve and one rarely has to wonder what the man is thinking as it's generally said as well. There's very little filter between brain and mouth, however Andre does seem to know when to shut up and how to respect superiors when the situation calls for it.

As he tends to react based on emotions Andre can sometimes be rash, but despite his size and general attitude, isn't nearly as stupid as most people think. A favorite past time of Andre's, while not researching history, is using down time to get loaded at the local tavern. He's had more than one run in with local authorities for starting a 'friendly bar brawl'. In this context it's a fight limited only to fists and the occasional chair.

Desire - Still Working on this.

Flaw - Doesn't always think before acting. Sometime reacts to situations based on emotional responses instead of careful planning. Can be baited in responding to something by someone smart enough to recognize these personality traits.

Tomboy the Grease Monkey - Still largely undeveloped. The basic concept forming at the moment is a young woman who is a tomboy and grease monkey as the generic name implies. Tall (for a woman), thin, wiry muscles, has very little in terms of figure, no chest, and short hair. Is the group scout and very fast on foot, holds a few records to prove it. Doesn't get hostile at the mention of 'girly stuff' just never really gave much thought to it.

Desire - Still working on this.

Flaw - Thinking tunnel vision, once she sets sight on something can be rather obsessive about it.

Ditzy McFluff - Ditzy is the group's combat magi and as the name implies, is somewhat scatterbrained. What I was thinking here was bubbly personality, mabye a screw or two loose in a harmless fashion. However in battle she's all business and quite the capable caster. Slightly above average looks, nothing to flip out over.

Desire - Still working on this.

Flaws - Thinking maybe something of an ADHD type who has the attention span of a gerbil when it comes to things not related to magic or monster hunting. Maybe a little naïve.

Saintly Pureheart - As to the character herself, almost nothing developed. As for physical appearance she's the group drool magnet, thick hips, curvy figure, and a bust line that could knock someone unconscious if she turns around too fast.

Desire - Still working on this.

Flaw - I thought it would funny to have the beautiful, saintly, healer type who looks pure, innocent, and swears like a sailor when you piss her off. Has problems with a potty mouth when angry.

Secondary/Supporting Characters

General Badass - General Badass is the rare exception to the mix and match rule, one of the few to have mastered both physical and mystical combat. Few people want to face him in a solo fight and he can tear through entire battalions of enemy soldiers on the battlefield by himself. Badass is a combat monster, living legend, and undefeated. He is head of the Dasine military and answers directly to the king. Some character notes are that despite his prowess, Badass doesn't want to be king.

Dasine King - The king of Dasine is young, only 15 years old when he takes power. His father was murdered during an attempted political coup but despite his young age the new king stepped up, put foot to butt, and held on to the throne. The people who killed his father and tried to usurp the throne were arrested and publicly executed as a warning to others. The king is young but he's also very smart, has a head for politics, and knows that sometimes a king has to do what needs to be done rather than what he would want to do. Can be quite heavy handed and brutal because the job sometimes requires it, but is generally a good person who cares for people and kingdom. Takes his job very seriously and projects an aura of nobility in word, deed, and action.


You put your finger right on why I don't want to be caught up in the middle of a war.
In either fantasy or reality.
It's all too "kill or be killed" and I don't want to do either one.