Beneath the Shining Armor — The Paladin

The Knight in shining armor, chivalrous to the very end. The majestic charger of gilded plate barding, galloping forever onward like a divine wind. The wielder of powerful, enchanted arms as the bane of the unjust and unholy. Unwavering devotion to their cause as the defender of the weak, and the usurper of the vile. … Read more

Parasites — A Primer for Writers

There are creatures whose hunger knows no satisfaction. These creatures intend to fulfill this hunger with insatiable abandon. Once they acquire someone – or something – to host them, the party is sure to go long, and make a nasty mess. And, no, it isn’t your 20 year old son living in your basement. But … Read more

The Griffin: Call it a Chimera Comeback

Being naturally drawn to mythology and the Reniassance Festival as a wee kiddo really paved the way for my geekiness as an adult (no way, really?). And it was only a matter of time before I laid my eyes upon this fantastic creature. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, but upon the shields … Read more

Siege Weaponry: A Primer for Writers

The sound of steel clashing against steel rings in the distance. Smoke billows into the air, carrying the horrid stench of the battlefield. Through the fluttering tent entrance a muddied, bloodied, messenger runs in. “Commander, we have their fortress surrounded…” The commander rises from his plush, velvet seat, and adjusts his belt. “Splendid!” he exclaims. … Read more

Medieval Blunt Weaponry – A Primer for Writers

You can keep your Excaliburs, your Brisingrs, your Glamdrings, and, yes, your lightsabers. I need a weapon that’s going to put some hair on my chest, allow me to converse with bears, send a wet streak down my foe’s leg, and, well, practically speaking, take out that knight in full plate and chain. Ladies and … Read more

Destiny: A Failed Storytelling Experience

“Wake up, Guardian!” Everything’s a little fuzzy. You can almost feel your toes. It’s like you’ve been laying on a pile of rocks for years. Then Peter Dinklage beckons again. “Wake up!” “Huh?” you incoherently babble. “What are – where am – is that Tyrion Lannis..?” “No time for that, Guardian.” He answers. “Here – … Read more