The Metrics of Writing

When I first started writing, during the pre-internet days, I didn’t have any idea how many words were in a novel, a short story, a novella, etc. I just wrote, but had no idea if I was producing at a good pace or if my stories were a good length. All I knew was after … Read more

Anticipating Story Length

I recently reconnected with some old projects, and was a little upset when I read them. One of the mistakes I’d made was incorrectly anticipating story length, and now it feels like those old stories, that I thought were done and buried, have risen from their graves to haunt me. Not only did I take … Read more

5 Steps to Effective Editing

This article is by Sydney A. Kneller. Once you’ve agonized your way through a story or novel, you breathe a sigh of relief that your task is finally done. But the truth is, the hard word is just beginning. Before you can send your work out to be seen by the world, you need to … Read more

Pilfering Your Novel Graveyard

“Finish what you start” is some of the best advice one can give a burgeoning writer. However, what happens when you absolutely can’t finish something? It’s not Writer’s Block nor Creative ADD. You’ve reached critical mass. No matter how long you edit, send off for critiques, and outline, it’s just not coming together. Writing can … Read more

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