Sometimes We Fail

Full admission here: I really struggled with the topic for this article. I considered writing on other parts of the craft but came to the conclusion that, if my musings help get anyone else out of a writing funk then this effort will be worth it. In the scope of this short article, I hope … Read more

Choosing the Right Idea

It happens to all of us. A brilliant story idea takes root in your heart, soul, and mind. We spend day and night thinking about it, making up characters and dreaming up the setting. We imagine the magic system, the monsters, the battles. We frivolously scribble down the plot and create backstories for our characters. … Read more

Pushing To The End

I had the fortune of finishing my first novel of 2018 the day after Halloween. After almost an entire year of starting, stopping, starting, stopping, starting, going, going, going, stopping, deleting, etc, the end has finally come. Finishing a book is comparable to climbing a mountain or racing a marathon. It’s both of those things … Read more

FREE Book Marketing Strategies, Part Two

This is part two in our Free Marketing series. Whether you are traditionally or independently published, it is important to engage with the author community. As a follow up to our previous discussion on free marketing strategies we will cover two tactics to help promote your work and build relationships with your fellow writers. There … Read more

3 Ways To Market Your Book For Free

This is part one in our Free Marketing series. Authors are ordinary people with ordinary lives. Most of us have jobs, families, and responsibilities out in the world that, well, cost money (bills, bills, bills). In my life as an Indie, I have come across few authors who have plenty of money to spend on … Read more

The Talent Myth

There once lived a girl who wrote the best fantasy books in all the land. She was only twelve years old, having picked up a paper and pen to tell stories starting at age eight. She outsold all the big names in her genre, made millions of dollars, and never even went to college. She … Read more

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