Choosing the Right Idea

It happens to all of us. A brilliant story idea takes root in your heart, soul, and mind. We spend day and night thinking about it, making up characters and dreaming up the setting. We imagine the magic system, the monsters, the battles. We frivolously scribble down the plot and create backstories for our characters. … Read more

From Roleplayer to Writer

This article is by Jedi Knight Muse (Ally). Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved using my imagination. It didn’t matter if I was just playing pretend with my friends or playing by myself. I remember standing in my kitchen one night and telling my parents that I was Dorothy Gail (from Wizard … Read more

Transforming Dreams Into Stories

This article is by Sheila Wisz Ellayn. It was over thirteen years ago that I went to sleep one night, unaware of the great and terrifying adventure that awaited me. The lights went off, I was feeling good and it seemed like anything extraordinary would take place that night. It was then that I encountered … Read more

Writing Outside Your Home

A few months ago I wrote about how going for a walk can have a positive impact on your creativity (here). It’s time to build on that. How about bringing your writing tools with you? You could stop somewhere along the way to do a bit of writing. Sounds good? It is. Okay, correction, it’s … Read more