Size of Armies Part 2

Advice for Fantasy Writers This article is by Toni Šušnjar.Note: This is Part Two of a two-part essay. Here is the link to Part One. Feudal Army Feudal army is a complex beast: it may include landed troops, mercenaries, town militias, conscripted peasants, or any combination of these. Thus estimating size of a feudal army … Read more

Size of Armies

Advice for Fantasy Writers This article is by Toni Šušnjar. One of basic elements of fantasy warfare is fantasy army. And one of basic elements of army is its size, which will affect organization and logistics, as well as strategies and tactics it can employ. Thus, prospective fantasy writers should understand factors which limit the … Read more

Writing Neurodivergent Characters in Fantasy

This article is by Emma Lammers. Author’s note: neurodivergent is term used to refer to people whose neurological functions differ from the norm because of an innate or acquired condition. Examples of these conditions include autism, learning disabilities, mood disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and more. People who do not have any neurodivergent conditions are considered … Read more

Building a Fantasy Army — Weapons & Tactics

This article is by Toni Šušnjar. In Antiquity and early the Middle Ages, the main weapon was the spear. Only a few exceptions appeared: Roman legions, which used javelins instead, and Macedonian pike phalanx with its sarissa. In the later Middle Ages, the main weapon could be a pike or a polearm (such as polehammer, … Read more

Building a Fantasy Army — Strategy & Organization

This article is by Toni Šušnjar. Strategy and Enemies The structure of an army will depend on the strategy, as strategy will determine the army’s role and tasks. A state which carries out expansion through outright territorial conquest will have large numbers of heavy infantry, combat engineers and artillery, and possibly some heavy cavalry as … Read more

Faith-Based Fantasy

This article is by Lynea Youmans. Faith-based fantasy. A sub-genre of its greater counterpart. There are many books that align with this genre, but do we ever hear of them or clear out the figurative shelves when they go on sale? Perhaps this is the first you’ve ever heard of it, how a fantasy tale … Read more

Fantasy and Monarchy

This article is by Toni Šušnjar. Monarchy is the most usual governing system found in fantasy. While this is often presented as problematic by democrats, it is actually a) very logical, b) practical and c) much less problematic than presented. In other words, monarchy makes much more sense in a fantasy setting than any other … Read more

Civilizations Thrive in Adverse Environments

This article is by Eleanor Konik, and is presented by Worldbuilding Magazine. The earliest human civilizations arose in conditions that were favorable for agriculture. Ancient river valley cultures gave rise to some of history’s longest-lasting and most powerful civilizations, including the Egyptians and the Chinese. This does not, however, mean that civilization arises exclusively in … Read more