Things to Do for Non-NoWriMos

With National Novel Writing Month fast approaching, writers all over the world are gearing up for 30 days of intense writing bliss. Coffee and energy drinks will be consumed by the gallons, tears will be shed, and fingers will be cramped. However, if you’re like me, an ex-NaNoWriMo, or Non-NoWriMo, then you might have a … Read more

Into the Deep End with Podcasting

  If you’ve ever thought about entering the exciting world of podcasting, and it is exciting, then it’s always good to know what you’re getting into. It may not necessarily be for everyone, and when I was first approached to do one I thought, “Uh, really?” There was some apprehension, but it was something I’d … Read more

The Obsessive Worldbuilder Quiz

Do you spend weeks and weeks designing the ceremonial cloaks that your orcs wear for their Annual Wereboar BBQ? Do you sketch maps of obscure villages that haven’t existed in your world for thousands of years on napkins? Do you lie awake before bed and think, “I really should figure out how the ogres in … Read more

Avoiding Fantasy Fatigue

If you’re reading this article you might be thinking two things: 1. Why would a fantasy website feature an article about being burned out with fantasy? 2. I’m burned out on fantasy, so I want to see what this guy rants about. Well, to put this into perspective, I’m a life-long fan of fantasy, have … Read more

Knowing When You’re Ready to Publish

Oh crap. You have that sinking feeling in your stomach, don’t you? Just the mention of the word publish makes your pulse quicken. But maybe it’s for a good reason. Getting ready to publish can be nerve-wracking, soul-searing, and heart-soaring all at once. That’s a lot of hyphenated words. So when is the right time … Read more

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