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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter One, Part 3

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. I got up and merely nodded to him as I walked out. For eleven years since Nigel became my steward. He was alright but I still wasn’t sure of him. He always seemed a little defensive and nervous when around me. His skill on the other hand I couldn’t complain about. I sighed as I walked out and climbed into the waiting carriage. Christian, Kimberley and Gina was waiting for me. As we started to roll forward Christian handed me a file. I noticed that Kimberley was reading one as was Gina. I opened it and started from the beginning reading it in detail. It was about Jace Thunderwind.

    “Jessica has reported that our hero has gone back to his house she also noticed that his mana seems to be regenerating faster then what a normal thrice snapped mage should be.” Christian said to me.

    I nodded and looked up.

    “I have been thinking about that. You do realise that he overpowered Drake when he hit the third snap. Imagine his and my mana if he accepts the Spear.” I said sounding tired.

    “Damn, I didn’t think about that.” Gina said looking up from her file. “Aquaria is the most powerful of us. If this boy has mana equal to us at the third snap then taking the Spear will increase it further and hers. The boy will be a monster.”

    “I am a little worried about his temperament. Risks himself for the completion of a mission, and seems to be a berserker when in battle.” Kimberley said without looking up from the file.

    “It may be a little worrying but he is young. Time will temper his actions.” Christian then said wisely.

    “What? You think that time will mellow him out considering who he will be bonded to?” Gina said and grinned right at Christian.

    Christian looked at me in absolute horror. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “We have never had a Storm natured mage as a Spear even back when I was fighting the Undying Empire. In fact I can only think of two members of the Undying that was Storm natured.” Christian said frowning.

    “I noticed that you used past tense there sweetheart.” Kimberley said to him.

    “Your right. A man called Neil, he held the Scythe before Drake back during the Empire days. Judas the Stone Scythe killed him when he turned to our side. There seems to be a little irony here.” Christian explained with a laugh.

    It wasn’t lost on me. I had killed the Stone Scythe thirty years ago and Jace had killed the second Storm natured Undying, if he accepts the Spear he would be the third ever Storm natured Undying.

    “It seems to me that Storm natured Undying are cursed. One has to die before another is chosen.” Gina said and then looked at me. “But if the child takes the offer he will be paired with the best healer in the country.”

    “Yes.” Christian said while nodding. “But I have seen the Strike Aces fight and none of the Storm natured ones ever fight in the bulk of an army. They operate in small cells or teams and always behind enemy lines cut off completely without support. Even the Commanders and the Overall Commanders do this. They never fight from the back as is custom for a commanding officer and I have a feeling that young Jace has been trained in the exact same manner.” He explained darkly.

    There was silence for a moment and then it hit me.

    “All the Storm natured Strike Aces always seem to make their way to the very front of a battle even striking the rear lines, not only that but they just seem to appear there. What if this Jace Thunderwind is the same? None of us could follow him nor be able to stop him.” I said a little worried.

    The three of them looked at me.

    “It is not just the Storm ones but all the Wind ones, even the Water natured ones and Gale Blaze ones, especially the ones that come from the Thunderwind, Stormwind, Windseer, Stormsage, Windstrike, Windstorm, Windflame and Windstone families more specifically. In fact barring one or two members from these families always become Strike Aces.” Christian said.

    “It is almost like they are connected with each other now that I think about it.” Gina said.

    “Yes, well if Young Jace becomes one of us then maybe he will explain the make up of the Strike Aces.” Kimberley said.

    Christian nodded.

    “No matter how much I investigate the Strike Aces I turn up next to nothing. And what is more I enquire about it with the King and he just gives me evasions. They are the one Elite Regiment that doesn’t come under my control. Only the Crown can order them and from what I can make out they don’t even receive orders from the Crown. Even past monarchs allow them a lot of freedom in terms of acting.” Christian said.

    I looked at his expression and judged that this more then anything bothered him. My own feelings about the child Jace Thunderwind aside I was hoping he would accept just so Christian could get rid of his unease. We travelled through most of the night only to stop for a couple of hours to rest. After the rest Christian said that we would as in the Spears leave the rest stop first so we arrived in Kaze first. The Royal Mage Guards would keep watch of the Royal Family. We stopped a couple of times before we arrived at Kaze. During the first stop Jessica informed us that Jace Thunderwind would be accepting the Spear.

    “He is determined and I must say was very mature about it. Almost like the ordeal last night aged him a hundred years.” She said via the focus.

    “Have you tested him yet?” Christian asked.

    “No not yet. He has only just got out of bed. It seems he dropped to sleep in his Combat Uniform last night. I expect he is bathing and changing into his Dress Uniform.” She answered.

    “Is there a place to test him at his residence?” Kimberley asked her.

    “Yeah, about that. This House is big, almost as big as our Spear’s main residence. And the Library here is bigger then even my one and filled floor to ceiling with books, all the books as far as I can tell are on Magic or Combat. Seriously I almost want to confiscate it and add everything here to my one.” She said.

    I must as looked as shocked as the rest of the Spears. That she would say that is no exaggeration.

    “The books belong to Jace, but myself, Kimberley, You and Ander along with Aquaria will be staying the night in Kaze so I will be able to inspect it.” Christian said.

    “Why can’t I stay? You know I love books more then Jessica does.” Hawke said in protest.

    “Because you will be the primary healer for the Royal family that you will be escorting back to the Capital.” Christian said.

    This got us all laughing.

    We had to take another stop as Hawke and myself healed the others taking away their exhaustion. It was mid morning by the time that we arrived at Kaze. Jessica had reported the results of the tests she gave Jace.

    “He is very advanced. Well above what a graduate at a College would be.” She said in a quick Wind Talk spell.

    This surprised me more then anything else. He was only fifteen and already had the magical knowledge above that of a State Certified Mage. Just what was going on here. As we made our way into Kaze there was people at work in the main street. They all stopped and stared at us. A man in armour who was limping and had a bandage covering his eye came up to us. He stopped and saluted. Even looking I could see he was in pain. Why was a soldier who was injured in battle in decorative armour. Usual practice would have been that he be at rest and off duty.

    “My Lord’s and Lady’s, I am Sub-Captain David Cobbler of the Border Guard Regulars. I am sorry that there isn’t anyone of high rank to guide you but my superiors died last night in the attack.” He said.

    “At ease Sub-Captain.” Christian said and looked at him with compassion. “I understand, but why are you here? I mean you have obviously suffered some wounds shouldn’t you have received healing and be off duty?”

    “I refused the Healing my Lord, as did everyone else. All the Soldiers here have wounds of some sort or another. We are doing it out of honour and duty for those that have fallen sir.” He said saluting again.

    “Very well if you are that resolute then lead on.” Christian said with a slight bow of the head.

    We climbed out of the carriage and walked loosely following the soldier.

    “The stupidity of the soldiers here.” Hawke muttered.

    “I can’t blame them, they must feel pride in what was achieved here last night. And I expect this will be the first time that the royals and us have even been here before. If that is the case and I was them I would do the same.” Steve muttered back.

    We was lead to the house that the Soldier said was the Thunderwind Residence. Ander and Jessica wasn’t exaggerating. In terms of scale it would fit in with the Noble Quarter. Jessica’s Steward who rode on ahead of us met us at the door. We all got our Spears out. We will no doubt be parading back through the main street and to the keep.


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