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Aquaria, the Lady of the Lake. Chapter Two, Part 3

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 ·
  1. “A report of combat exercises that Jace took part in during part of the Cadet Course. Jace displays calmness during exercise planning and comes up with strategies outside the normal standards for Cadet Students, this suggests that he is receiving outside tuition based on Strike tactics. Considering whom his parents are it is logical to assume that he is being trained by Strike Ace Commanders Jason and Angelica Thunderwind. In Tactics and Strategy class he is top of his class and often corrects the instructors when he notices mistakes. However the calmness completely disappears when it comes to actual combat. The ferocity and recklessness he displays when in combat is unmatched as is his overpowering capacity of mana. He can be overcome in a one on one action which suggest that is where is weakness lays, however guerrilla warfare and skirmishing is where his strengths are. He is more comfortable in one on many engagements which also suits his personality. He doesn’t lose all sense of reason in combat but he is also the first to step forward when in a situation of retreat and holding off the attacking force while his team retreats. However instead of full tactical retreat they tend to move to a better location change tactics and re engage contacts. In every case this happens his team wins the combat simulation. His use of seeing lenses provides whatever team he is in the edge in intelligence gathering, so far what he can see is anything within a sixty league radius which is the maximum of what we can test for, he can even break through mana shrouds that are built to hide locations. His recklessness will one day become his undoing when he takes on an action that is too big for him to even chew. This report was written by Instructor Liam of the Kaze Cadet School.” Christian finished reading before re rolling the scroll.

    Ahh Christian was reading the report that was in the file. The King obviously didn’t read that part fully.

    “I am guessing the ‘War Mode’ is the ferocity and his recklessness when in combat.” The King asked.

    “Indeed, when we had arrived at the scene with the combat with the Scythes I am sure he noticed the presence of both myself and Ander but completely disregarded it and focused on the enemy in front of him. This either suggests that he knew we wasn’t hostile to him and in a split second decision carried on with his spell or he was completely blinkered to the environment around him.” Jessica answered instead of Christian.

    From the sounds of it my future partner either knows what is going on around him or he has no clue about situational awareness which will get him killed if he was in melee. He had a very serious problem if the latter was the case.

    “Which do you believe?” The Queen then asked.

    “I don’t know, I am hoping for the former but it is quite probable the latter. He is young and in the sway of so much magic with heightened emotional state. It should also be known that his magic is very closely linked to his emotions, the angrier he is the more powerful he is.” Ander then said.

    “You make him sound like a Fire Mage.” The Crown Prince said.

    The Fire Mages among us chuckled. Even Ander.

    Of course the Fire Mages was all like that even the Crown Prince. I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Because I knew if it was noticed that they would say I was just the same.

    “True, but according to material written by both Strike Aces Jason and Angelica nothing fuels a storm better than anger, fury and wrath.” Jessica chipped in.

    This shocked me, it seems that Storm Mages also struggled with there anger, it was the same with me it was always there just bubbling under the surface.

    “What materials?” The Queen asked.

    “The scrolls and books that is in my family’s Library most of it on Wind and Storm magic application, training and development. As you know the town of Kaze was part of Scythe seventy years ago. Storm magic is more common in Scythe and those citizens that stayed passed on that magical trait. It’s not as common here any more but my mother’s and father’s family was the two most prominent in the trait. To strengthen the bloodline it was decided that they marry.” Jace explained. He said it in such an easy manner like being in the presence of all of us didn’t bother him at all.

    It was then more then any of his actions that I knew he had been trained to act as a courtier. No commoner ever acted like he does when in the presence of Nobility let alone Royalty. Even I was nervous the first few times when talking to the Monarchs when I became a Spear. Here he was making it seem so easy.

    The King nodded.

    “I remember that and they had to get Crown Approval to do so.” The Queen said.

    “Yes, there are some in this room that was against it since both Angelica and Jason was deemed very powerful. But I think now that it was proven to be true but instead of being a risk to the country has only made it more powerful.” The Crown Prince then said.

    “True.” Commented Christian.

    “The recklessness though.” The Queen then said bring the subject back to his behaviour.

    “As he gets older and wiser that will sort it out. Of course he will be paired with the calmest of us all, The Lady of the Lake.” Kimberley then said with a chuckle.

    I had to craft magic at that point to control my bodies reactions to stop the rush of blood to my face from embarrassment. This was something that I didn’t want Jace to find out about from others. Everyone else let out a groan making matters worse for me. I schooled my expression into a mask of none amusement. I turned my head slightly towards Jace to see what he was making of this and he looked really confused.

    “As you know Aquaria is the only other one who has killed a Scythe. Water Mages can be the calmest of us all, but water is quite untameable and can be wild in the extreme. A tempest can fuel a sea’s anger making it deadly. The pair of you being partners may not be the best of things to happen. She is also known to be the cause for discord and infighting with the Garrison Commanders.” The Queen said taking pity on him from his expression.

    I on the other hand was feeling mortified.

    “Discord and infighting is putting it mildly.” Christian muttered.

    “Right, back to the matters at hand. A contingent from Scythe will be arriving at the border other than witnessing the ritual of Jace this is the main reason why all of you have gathered here. With all twelve gathered Scythe won’t want to try anything aggressive. We will return the Scythes to them as stated by the continental congress treaty. However we can stipulate terms to them they have to abide for the next twenty years.” The King explained.

    We all nodded to this.

    The Treaties, back when the weapons was created a single country had procession of them all and conquered the continent. A rebellion happened and over the course of some years and various assassinations the weapons went to the other side. After the seventy year war the ruling country was torn asunder, the factions who had the weapons formed the countries we have now. At the beginning they decided that each country would only have one type of weapon. If one should start collecting them then the rest will gang up on the one collecting them. It is due to this promise that the status quo has been kept. Of course that doesn’t stop countries falling out or forming alliances. Spear is in Alliance with Sword due to political marriages. Scythe probably one of the most aggressive of the countries on the continent is also in an alliance with Staff. That alliance is more one of numbers, there is only eight Scythes and five Staves so it really is a numbers and power game.

    “So having all of us amass for this conference is a show of power. Are you sure it’s okay for these two to be in attendance?” Christian spoke while waving his hand to me and Jace.

    Now they was picking on him as well as myself.

    “I understand your misgivings, more so now I know about the temperament of the Lord of Storms.” The King said and everyone was either smiling or chuckling.

    Jace then turned to me, his face serious like he was holding back something and said.

    “Ever get the feeling that we are getting picked on here. I get the feeling that this is going to be a long running joke.”

    I had to giggle at that. Not only did he understand but he also willing came to my defence. I placed my Spear into my other hand and lightly placed my hand on his. The reaction to our magic shattered the ward I had on myself and it flowed out from the pair of us. It created a bubble of pressure, almost like how it felt before it rained at the start of a powerful storm. I shuddered at the pleasure I was feeling and Jace shuddered also. Everyone in the room must have felt the magic leaking out of us.

    The Spears encircled us and built up a ward. The Privy Council looked at the pair of us in fear while the royals looked on in interest. I quickly let go of Jace’s hand, but the feeling of his skin was still there like an echo or residual memory along with the feeling of our combined magic. I struggled not to place my hand on him again.


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