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The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

  1. Portfolio Description

    I've been working away on my fantasy novel for 5 years, and I'm well over halfway to putting in my 10,000 hours. I'm currently trying to get a Lit agent interested so thought putting the first few chapters up on here might help to get both attention and constructive criticism. My beta readers have all seemed to like my final version, so I hope you do too. Apologies for any lingering mistakes. Dyslexia is a bitch.

    About Author

    I first tried to publish my book 3 years ago, and frankly, it just wasn't up to scratch. Since then, I've rewritten the entire novel twice, reduced it in size by 50%, and have now constructed it in a way that will appeal to the highest number of readers while still being the thoroughly entertaining first installment in my fantasy series that I always intended. Enjoy.