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  1. Yel

    Hi, friends! What is Young Adult

    I mean, I went to a bookshop, and saw YA section. Besides them is fantasy section(and scifi too). Arent they the same? Whats the difference between a fantasy and YA. I didnt bother to read them abit, silly me, but based on the cover design and intro at the back, I dont understand why they are...
  2. Yel

    Hi, friends! Okay I just got through...

    I just got through a few fantasy books, and all of them have maps drawn for its settings. This is really cool! It's giving me good feelings. I think doing the worldbuilding gonna be really fun!
  3. Yel

    Hi Friends! I'm glad to be here! :)

    Name's Yel. I decided to join the community here because I want to read and discover more sci fi and fantasy fictions, and to attempt making my own saga. I don't know where to start. I faintly remembering myself whom was one of top students at literature back at middle school, about 2 decades...
  4. TheQuestForJarek

    Greetings: The Quest For Jarek

    Greetings everyone, great to be here! Please be sure to scope out my art and writing and hope to meet some people.
  5. Dankolisic

    Questions about development of distant lands

    To summarize quickly: The book is a fanatasy/mystery novel. The story is a side of it's own, but something about the world bothers me. So, just to summarize the lore of the world: It is a planet, with one large continent. On the north, northeast of the continent, among the mountains, a race...
  6. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 6 - The Nabe

    The Town was an augmented version of the Fallows, a lank feeling of desperation hung on every corner. Rowan consulted his map and cross referenced it with his location in relation to his journey thus far and if his bearings served him correctly then he was stood, more or less, where the words...
  7. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 5 - Silence

    Rowan woke to blackout and silence. “PA! Pa are you there?” Rowan cried in confusion as he tossed around on the bed “Ornella? Ornella, i’m sorry!’ Over the next few moments Rowan recalled the events of the past, fragments of days, in his head. In a state of panic, Rowan thought for a split...
  8. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 4 - Beckon

    Rowan’s ears embraced the words as a cherry blossom does the spring. With curling toes and hairs on end Rowan could hear his home calling to him, to rescue, to repair and to complete him once again. ‘Rowan-Rowan?’ a gust of words fleeted by in the key of G major. The man slung his bag onto his...
  9. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 3 - Whisper

    Stunned, Rowan lay frozen too petrified to open his eyes. The strangers warm breath teased the inside of Rowans ear. Without moving a single other muscle in his body Rowan steadily prised open his left eyelids and rolled his gaze towards the direction of the thing that had him anchored. Dusk...
  10. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 2 - The Fens

    Wilfred followed the direction of his sons startled eyes towards a piece of folded parchment leaning awkwardly between the dusty floor and the timber wall. Rowan darted at the floor like a Gannet to retrieve the parchment. He then moved into the centre of the room and took a deep breath before...
  11. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 1 - The Fallows

    Rowan’s hands were beginning to numb as he hung, in a state of nature, from the base of the moon by his ankles. His ear was wet and his feet on fire, both of which were distracting him from the seven sets of unfaltering eyes he could discern closing in on him from the abyss. Dread and defeat...
  12. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia

    The Silurian hypotheses explores the possibility of an advance human civilisation existing on earth some several million years ago, long before the one we try so hard to navigate our way through today. Tales of Orgonia however, narrates of an age even further back then that, where the unbroken...
  13. S

    Forward Thinking ideas for my novel

    I finished my novel but i dont really see it standing out enough and I would love to get some ideas on forward thinking in the fantasy/scifi novel or other ideas that are different but attention grabbing? (structure for example) Below is a quick rundown of my book The Infiniverse is a...
  14. M Corbett

    Artist to collaborate on a potential graphic novel

    I’m working on converting a well-received short story into a graphic novel and I need an artist to collaborate with. It's a fantasy-inspired sci-fi story about a teenage girl who is abducted by bird-like aliens and carried off to their craft of thorns. I think the current short story could be...
  15. A

    Hylos VS Tempest

    Hylos emerged from the dense forest into a large clearing, the place that he last encountered the species that he was calling Tempest Crows. He strode into the clearing with purpose, making no attempt to sneak up on the enormous bird. Hylos was not considered a short man among Piminians, and...
  16. L.L. Maurizi

    My Map

    I saw a post by sgbii with their map which has a lot of interesting feedback, so I thought I'd throw mine in here too, to see what you all think. I made the map with INKARNATE MAP (REDDIT)
  17. S

    Physics of a sky ship?

    Sky ships. Flying boats. I'm just about willing to call them objectively cooler than regular water ships, and I'm damn sad that dirigibles are out of fashion. It's so cool to happen upon seeing one, on those rare moments they do. Naturally then, I want to add them to my stories in some way. For...
  18. Trailofstardust

    Story inspired by "the book of Esther"

    I've got the idea for a story loosely by "the book of Esther" from the Hebrew bible; they share some similar story beats and parallels, but it's meant to be my own story. The story takes place in 16-or 17th century Sweden and follows a huldra who has been captured and enslaved by a landed...
  19. A

    Is this a good starting point for my world? Does it sound too cliché?

    Emperor Tiberon rules from the Primary Kingdom. He has rulership over all of the kingdoms and subkingdoms on the continent of Etrya. The royal kingdoms are divided into several subkingdoms, each with its own ruler or governing body. These subkingdoms have their own unique customs, traditions...
  20. Trailofstardust

    Would writing a landscape made from a dead giant be ripping off The Owl House?

    The concept of locations/landscapes created from the body of an enormous creature is nothing new; Ymir in Norse mythology and Pan Gu from Chinese mythology are both creation myths where the world is created from the body of a dead giant. However, currently the Disney cartoon The Owl House is...