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  1. Toby Johnson

    How to find Your Writer's Voice.

    Hey there, to answer this question, I've made a video explaining it at a length that can be watched on the morning commute or while having breakfast. Please do make sure to comment on questions you'd like answered in a future video. Please do enjoy and be sure to subscribe for more questions...
  2. Agazile

    New Writer Looking For Advice

    Hello my name is Agazile, This is my first post so forgive me if it's a bit long or lack luster... I wouldn't describe myself as a writer and I still don't, at least not a traditional writer but a few years ago out of nowhere I decided to go on google docs and start writing and developing...
  3. intothedark28

    Fantasy Mystery concept.

    I love gritty fantasy and I'm a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes... can something like this exist? I feel like I could go either way. A Mystery with a hint of fantasy or a Fantasy with a mystery aspect. I'd like to know anyone's thoughts. I also agreed with a post I read here yesterday, there are way...
  4. Glykeria

    How to make the Villain remember of his past?

    Hello! I'm terribly stuck in my story and would appreciate your help! :dead: My story is divided in two parts. The first part is the previous lifetime of the characters. The second part is where the story (I'd like to say "the book" :LOL:) actually begins - in the current lifetime of the...
  5. W

    Godsend: A Mythic Fantasy Setting

    Below is the core premise and pitch of a mythic fantasy tabletop roleplaying setting I’m developing which I'd like some general feedback on. The basis is Indo-European mythology with particular emphasis on Greco-Roman and Hindu influences. A group of gods known collectively as the Pantheon are...
  6. Kai

    Arrow wounds/treatments

    I had to look to find this option- I have a story created just for fun and found this place doing research. Let me explain a little bit of the story/world. There are a lot of different creatures. There are four kingdoms. Ice, Flame, Forest and Spirit- each pertaining to their name...
  7. marcmizz

    A Phantom's Vengeance

    Hi all, hope you're all having a fantastic start to the new year! Check out my debut fantasy book, A Phantom's Vengeance, on Amazon (e-book and paperback): It's the first entry of a planned trilogy called War of the Unborn. A Phantom's Vengeance is a tale of revenge set in a medieval...
  8. Dare Pelletier

    Which Magic system best suits my World?

    My world is a high fantasy secondary world inspired by the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. The world has the technology of this time period and also will have a magic system which coexists with the technology. I have several ideas for my magic system, but can’t decide which one to...
  9. I

    Heyo! Podcast idea for fantasy writers

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi, I'm a big fan of fantasy. Hope to engage in some fun conversations with everyone. I have an idea for a podcast that I would like to create, which will showcase works of fantasy and their authors, from short stories to a chapter to whole novels. If there are...
  10. Koraki Saros

    Greetings From Lysandus

    Greetings, I am a Sci-fi/ steam punk/ fantasy writer. I joined after researching arrow wounds and was led here. Eager to learn more about fantasy writing and be a part of a wider fantasy writing community.
  11. J

    Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa out now

    After 3 years of waiting, its finally published :-D. the first book in my series, originally published in 2012, is now out fully rewritten and republished. blurb and link below. ____________________ "They may slay my mortal body, but I am not so easily defeated. Time is on my side, and I...
  12. daisywrites

    Is it okay to mix eras in real life to make a new setting?

    I couldn’t find a way to explain this shortly in the title but basically, I’m writing a fantasy story that’s doesn’t have a specific time setting, but it has aspects of certain eras. For example, swords and knives are widely used and only soldiers or people in the military use guns (something...
  13. Babayaga321

    Writing A Series Out Of Order

    Morning all! Okay... here's the problem. Wannabee writer of fantasy coming back to a series of books I have had in my mind for absolute ages (far too long!), and have four books planned for the series. The problem is that, although books one and four have been outlined (not in any great detail...
  14. Ž.J.

    Religion in a fantasy setting.

    Greetings to all you good folks! I took a long break from this forum, but yet i am back and i want to ask thee several question about religion in worldbuilding (medieval fantasy setting). In my own setting i struggle a bit with inventing a properly functioning religion for one of my...
  15. RavenLord

    Here goes nothing ...

    Well, here I go ... God bless Nebraska ... I would like to tell you I am a person who quite often comes up with various ideas and stories. I mostly tell them in my head and barely finish any of those. I thought to myself its just my silly imagination. Though about 2 years ago I decided to write...
  16. Adventures of the Last Aygiff

    Adventures of the Last Aygiff

    A fantasy/adventure novel series written for young adult audience (particularly middle school on up). Originally wrote it as something a friend's daughter would like to read, but also wish it to be something my nephews can read when they become pre-teen/teenagers. The story follows a teenager...
  17. Adventures of a Fox

    Adventures of a Fox

    For years I have wandered these vast, wild lands, praying at shrines for Her power and grace. A Darkness hounds me, haunts me, hunts me as I search for meaning in this world; meaning that the Darkness wants to remain hidden. In shape-shifting labyrinthine libraries I have scoured shelves of...
  18. Toby Johnson

    Free Writer's Newsletter

    hey all, I've started up a FREE Fantasy Writer's Newsletter. It is called 'Writer's Musings'. It will be a monthly thing, emailed out at the end of each month with some things in-between. Inside there will be sections like: -A memoir of the month. -What an author reads -writing tips from an...
  19. Eztlirald Clarinda

    Cosplay Sites

    I had a great idea inspired by a friend to cosplay as one of the characters in my story. The thing is... I didn’t realize how hard it was to find cosplay pieces to build it. :banghead::cry: So I’m asking you cosplayers out their where are the best places to go to build my own cosplay from scratch?
  20. Cyrom series

    Cyrom series

    Planning to post my chapters here as I finish for you guys to read and critique. Would really appreciate all your comments!