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  1. Mälakor

    Half man half...

    So of course in fantasy there are many races and being to chose from to add into the story. What I want to discuss is the mixing of these races and beings. I have seen it done sometimes but not often and usually is just a side note and not a main part of the plot. What do you all think about...
  2. M

    "Hey Everyone"

    Hello to the forum! Hello to all the Readers and Writers! I have loved Sci-Fi/Fantasy for as long as I can remember! From my days as a dewy-eyed boy dreaming of being Batman and Spider-Man, then my formative pre-teen years wanting to go on adventures with Percy Jackson and Carter Kane in...
  3. Some of my Fantasy/Scifi/Humour works

    The Lord of All

    One of my latest ones. Fantasy. Velvet, a young woman, is rescued from an attack by two strangers. She finds out they are just trying to get back home, and decides to help them. Unfortunately, this task is going to involve a lot more than taking a ship to another city! Brief Excerpt: The...
  4. I

    How do you handle Elemental Magic Systems?

    Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this subject, I just wanna quickly thank everyone who looked over and commented on my last thread about converting caloric energy into fuel for fire users to draw from. I got some extremely helpful answers from quite a few different people and for that, I...
  5. Argent Hellion

    Medieval fantasy ship carrier

    I'm currently working on developing the navy for the most advanced faction in my fantasy world and I'm stuck with the design of the largest ship, a sort of a medieval carrier ship. I'm talking about having a ship that would be roughly the same size and function as a modern aircraft carrier...
  6. mc.joeyy

    My Elves

    In planning and drafting my fantasy novel, I've come to learn that the elves found in my world aren't too much like elves traditionally found in fantasy. I wanted to know if this was a problem, and if they stray too far from their origins. Characteristics of my elves: -Have demonic ancestry (in...
  7. A shadowy portifolio

    Dwarven Nuns

    The nun walked further then ever before, until she had finally reached her goal. The cave. As she drew closer to the cave, her habits swaying in the breeze, she pulled out her golden blade, wreathed in flame. She tucked her beard into her armor, and screamed: "REVENGE OF THE DWARVEN...
  8. S.T. Ockenner

    What do you love about Fantasy?

    I personally love the idea of flying away on a pegasaus or broomstick or whatever, and venturing across a beautiful world and meeting wizards, going on epic quests, and battling demons and other evil beings. I fell in love with Fantasy because I love all the magic, the imagination, The beauty...
  9. The Methuselah Empire

    Introduction: Tomas Rivera

    Sitting by the window, Tomas watched people flock to the [House of Worship] for the Coming to Age Ceremony. Tears cascaded off his face, he too reached the age for the ceremony, yet his quadriplegia has stifled his rite of passage. It is not to say that those born with such conditions could not...
  10. The Methuselah Empire

    The Methuselah Empire

    [This is a story that grew alongside Vosha. I stepped away from Vosha for a long time and lost my understanding of it. However, with "The Methuselah Empire" (To Be Changed) I have compiled preliminary notes and characters to avoid making the same mistake. I intend to create a series, but as of...
  11. CloudIX

    How does a protagonist beat an antagonist that knows the future?

    If the antagonist knows everything that the protagonist will think and do before the protagonist even knows himself, how can he be defeated?
  12. Toby Johnson

    Open for commissions

    Hello all, I am now opening my doors to do writing commissions. I can write in a plethora of genres; but I am a specialist in medieval fantasy and sci-fi. Please contact me at [email protected] If you would like your ideas written.
  13. S.T. Ockenner

    Fantasy worlds with bearded elves **(please read the description)**

    I notice that most fantasy worlds feature elves that either cannot grow facial hair or at the very least don't often. The only fantasy worlds with bearded elves that I know of are: Middle Earth- There are one or two bearded elves, but it's uncommon overall Nirn (Elder Scrolls)- Bearded elves...
  14. Fantasy Writing

    Writing fantasy: Choosing a plot, Lesson 1

    One of the most difficult things a person can do when creating a new novel is creating a plot. But there are ways around this. In the last portfolio entry I talked about keeping a short notebook on hand and writing in it, this is where it really comes in handy. I carry mine round with me...
  15. S.T. Ockenner

    What fantastical creatures are in your world (s)?

    What array of creatures are in your world? Are there any unique ones, or mostly traditional? What kinds of beasts? What kinds of beings? What kinds of spirits? Are there any special quirks/differences you give your creatures? Are wizards their own species, or just anyone who can use wizardry, or...
  16. S.T. Ockenner

    Two wizard drawings I made- I’m very proud

    Wizard Lounge by S.T. Ockenner posted Jan 24, 2021 at 2:23 PMWizard Tournament by S.T. Ockenner posted Jan 24, 2021 at 2:23 PMPlease share what you think of them.
  17. Wizard Tournament

    Wizard Tournament

  18. S.T. Ockenner


    This is a writing game of sorts- we'll each take turns fleshing out a monster, then I'll post it all in a portfolio when we're finished with the monster...then we can move on to the next. I'll start: (Name: Murgle) Murgles are tiny blue humanoids that live underwater. They have a countless...
  19. Toby Johnson

    What are some good side quests?

    In one of my latest books I want a list of side quests so that, if the story just gets a bit bland and boring: such as walking though a forest, I can add in something to break it up. The story is set in Medieval fantasy and my characters in the group are and elf, a dwarf, a wizard, and a human...
  20. Fantasy Writing

    Fantasy Writing

    Hello Hello there young one, fancy seeing you here. Welcome to my fantasy writing portfolio. In this I will be posting short stories, and Chapters from my novels, and just some some fun chapters for the jest. I write in Sci-Fi and Medieval fantasy, so if you like that then you're in luck as...