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Adventures of a Fox

  1. Portfolio Description


    For years I have wandered these vast, wild lands, praying at shrines for Her power and grace. A Darkness hounds me, haunts me, hunts me as I search for meaning in this world; meaning that the Darkness wants to remain hidden. In shape-shifting labyrinthine libraries I have scoured shelves of timeworn tomes, pages either empty or filled with dyslexic lexicons known only to the skeletons.

    Still, I journey forth, unsure of what my quest even is, all the while trying to keep faith in myself. Am I just searching for a companion... or for something that will never be found lest I build it? I do not know what I seek, nor where—I know only the burn of yearning. If you feel the same, then let us go together in search of answers we may never get, though in our meandering adventures we may discover something far greater than we had ever dreamed.