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  1. drterryjmartin

    What's the Real Story Behind 'Bedlam in Paris' Trauma and Healing?

    Dr. Terry J Martin shares the story of recovering a person's joy and sense of balance after experiencing traumatic events connected to “Bedlam in Paris.” Please share your experiences and any insights you may have.
  2. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 6 - The Nabe

    The Town was an augmented version of the Fallows, a lank feeling of desperation hung on every corner. Rowan consulted his map and cross referenced it with his location in relation to his journey thus far and if his bearings served him correctly then he was stood, more or less, where the words...
  3. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 5 - Silence

    Rowan woke to blackout and silence. “PA! Pa are you there?” Rowan cried in confusion as he tossed around on the bed “Ornella? Ornella, i’m sorry!’ Over the next few moments Rowan recalled the events of the past, fragments of days, in his head. In a state of panic, Rowan thought for a split...
  4. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 4 - Beckon

    Rowan’s ears embraced the words as a cherry blossom does the spring. With curling toes and hairs on end Rowan could hear his home calling to him, to rescue, to repair and to complete him once again. ‘Rowan-Rowan?’ a gust of words fleeted by in the key of G major. The man slung his bag onto his...
  5. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 3 - Whisper

    Stunned, Rowan lay frozen too petrified to open his eyes. The strangers warm breath teased the inside of Rowans ear. Without moving a single other muscle in his body Rowan steadily prised open his left eyelids and rolled his gaze towards the direction of the thing that had him anchored. Dusk...
  6. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 2 - The Fens

    Wilfred followed the direction of his sons startled eyes towards a piece of folded parchment leaning awkwardly between the dusty floor and the timber wall. Rowan darted at the floor like a Gannet to retrieve the parchment. He then moved into the centre of the room and took a deep breath before...
  7. Joeski

    Tales of Orgonia: Chapter 1 - The Fallows

    Rowan’s hands were beginning to numb as he hung, in a state of nature, from the base of the moon by his ankles. His ear was wet and his feet on fire, both of which were distracting him from the seven sets of unfaltering eyes he could discern closing in on him from the abyss. Dread and defeat...
  8. S

    Forward Thinking ideas for my novel

    I finished my novel but i dont really see it standing out enough and I would love to get some ideas on forward thinking in the fantasy/scifi novel or other ideas that are different but attention grabbing? (structure for example) Below is a quick rundown of my book The Infiniverse is a...
  9. Electro Queen

    Questions for Fantasy Story

    Hello everyone. My name is the Electro Queen, or EQ as my subjects refer to me as, and this is my first time posting a question on this website. My question (well, questions actually, I’ve got more than one) is primarily centred around morality and partly around royalty. It’s mainly for a mini...
  10. N

    Great Article for Tips on Short Story Writing

    Hey everyone, I found this amazing article on how to craft and write short stories. You guys should definitely check it out if you're stuck and not sure where to begin. You'll find a lot of helpful information. Link: Top 4 Tricks & Tips for Anyone Writing Their First Short Story
  11. N

    Short Story Entitled: The Superland Enigma

    Just a short story that needs working on and perhaps some improvement. It contains a lot of sci-fi/philosophical themes, which help establish a kind of allegorical nuance. The story also ventures into metaphysical realms of individual experience. Link to story: The Superland Enigma Synopsis...
  12. Adventures of a Fox

    Adventures of a Fox

    For years I have wandered these vast, wild lands, praying at shrines for Her power and grace. A Darkness hounds me, haunts me, hunts me as I search for meaning in this world; meaning that the Darkness wants to remain hidden. In shape-shifting labyrinthine libraries I have scoured shelves of...
  13. PurpleNoxandPizzaDough

    My New Blog Post! Is this Like a Person, or an Animal?!

    Hi everyone! I am a freelance copy editor/proofreader and I am a reader of mostly urban fantasy, young adult and children's, and dark epic fantasy. I have a blog out right now with a variety of posts on my website and I'd love for you to read the latest about personification and...
  14. The Methuselah Empire

    Introduction: Tomas Rivera

    Sitting by the window, Tomas watched people flock to the [House of Worship] for the Coming to Age Ceremony. Tears cascaded off his face, he too reached the age for the ceremony, yet his quadriplegia has stifled his rite of passage. It is not to say that those born with such conditions could not...
  15. The Methuselah Empire

    The Methuselah Empire

    [This is a story that grew alongside Vosha. I stepped away from Vosha for a long time and lost my understanding of it. However, with "The Methuselah Empire" (To Be Changed) I have compiled preliminary notes and characters to avoid making the same mistake. I intend to create a series, but as of...
  16. ThatGreenWriter

    First Novel

    Hi, I'm new to Mythic Scribes and, as a young author, I am trying to write my first novel. Genre: Fantasy. I have always really enjoyed reading fantasy novels, and would love to know if anyone has written a fantasy novel before? I'm really enjoying the process so far, but I'm not sure I'm doing...
  17. Chapter 30 - House Arrest

    Chapter 30 - House Arrest

    3 May It was a cloudy day. Outside, a soft rain was sprinkling down upon the Gumberwood. Though the trees provided cover from the rain, a misty fog had set itself low to the ground, making residents prefer to stay inside their doors. Due to the unideal weather, Damien and Naelen spent their...
  18. Chapter Eight- The Perfect Shape

    Chapter Eight- The Perfect Shape

    Damien sat with Kallus' family at supper. The dining room of the manor was ornate, complete with its own chandelier. Candles were placed along the table as well, glinting off the expensive dinnerware. Tonight was what Kallus and Lanara deemed to be a special occasion. They prepared a...
  19. P.A. Trujillo

    Fantasy worlds (that aren't European)

    What is the one continent/nation/culture that doesn't get enough representation in fantasy fiction, in your opinion? Many authors go straight for a vaguely European flavor (and not without reason, mind you), but there are plenty of other cultures from around the world that could spice up the...
  20. Excerpts from Stan for Critiquing

    Excerpts from Stan for Critiquing

    This is a place where I will post parts of Stan for critiques (as the forum is a bit too limiting, word count wise). Much of this will involve dialogue scenes, which tend to frustrate me. Your constructive comments and criticisms will be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your feedback.