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The Methuselah Empire

  1. Portfolio Description

    [This is a story that grew alongside Vosha. I stepped away from Vosha for a long time and lost my understanding of it. However, with "The Methuselah Empire" (To Be Changed) I have compiled preliminary notes and characters to avoid making the same mistake.

    I intend to create a series, but as of now I am working on the test writing [pre-first draft] aka notes of Book 1.

    Project Blurb:
    A young man must deal with the intricacies and politics of the Methuselah Empire as his disability hinders him from realizing his magical potential. When unconscious, he must deal with ruling the outermost ring of the Demonic Realm, known as Hell. Tomas Rivera must overcome his disability to attain the position of Emperor and he must reach Hell's Center to be released of his Devilish Curse.
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