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Introduction to the Eight Vosha Kings

The rituals of the moon counteract those of the sun. And those of the mountains counteract those of the skies. For although they were created at once and have created together, they too have their independence and volatile natures. The mountains tried to reach the skies to crush air. The sun tried to burn the moon. These forces have their own wills and their own strengths. To become one with any of them will make anyone less of a mortal. - Franz Luminous.

The principles of elemental contracts, or sources, have been a mystery for many centuries; until the Enlightened Franz Luminous brought them to humanity. It is said that Franz traveled across the unknown lands in search of the world’s mysteries. He journeyed for half a century. And when he returned to the discovered plains he brought with him fire. Not a fire that one would use to roast an animal or to boil water. But a fire that manifested from his own being. A fire he created as if his own breath. When asked, he called it “ a contract with the sun”. Not only did he manifest flames but he also had knowledge of how to manifest the other sources. This brought a new age of prosperity to the dwindling humanity.

Once prosperous and plentiful, humanity steadily became weak. Weak from in fighting and wars with the other races. They weren’t the strongest race, that was reserved for the giants. Especially the giants of the Northern mountains, for they are still connected to their lineage. Humans weren’t the smartest race either. That honor was bestowed upon the Avians, many think they’re merely humans with wings. They wouldn’t be wrong but how can they know the true genealogy of the Avians? Humanity had the honor of proliferation. A privilege rather, when every other of the seven races struggled with maintaining their own. This was humanity greatest strength.

Humanity was too diverse, a glaring weakness to the rulers of the seven races. What humans constituted as important were in fact minuscule things. They were greatly divided. It is said in the Elvish scripture that humans were the embodiment of sin. This notion would greatly reinforce the negative stereotypes of humanity throughout the Elvish community. Although, the same scripture does speak of valiant humans who have helped vanquish evil across the plane. But nevertheless the general consensus was that humans were awful. And their numbers didn’t help either. Which is why news of a civil war brought smiles and frowns to the leaders of the other races.
  1. Frederick, the emperor of the Giants.
  2. Maxima, the Blue Tiger of the Beastfolk.
  3. Aura, the White Eagle of the Avians.
  4. Amanaki, the Orca King of the merfolk.
  5. Shakarri, the Grand Huntress of the Elves.
  6. Uphanir, the Shaman Elder of the Orcs.
  7. Tyfn, the Craftsmen of the Dwarves.
  8. Adam, the Warrior Supreme of the Humans.
Frederick knelt before the Mountain Father, the first giant to awaken, and pressed his hands against the base of the mountain, chanting an ancient song passed down by the emperors. This was the war cry. The Mountain Father began to shake and every giants across the mountain range could sense Frederick’s will. Today we begin the conquest of humanity for Adam has promised us recognition in his new kingdom. May the Mountain Father and Sky Mother protect us.

Maxima reclined on her throne, sipping on blueberry wine as she watched her cubs run around the Colosseum. To think Adam would rise up against his king and declare a civil war, now that a man who knows no loyalties but money, she chuckled as she read the latest report from her human spies.

Soaring above the jungles in search of Adam, Aura could not help but panic. If he really goes through with this than there really would be one less race upon the stretch of Vosha. It could be said that Aura loved humanity, any many thought she had a human lover. But she accredited her life to a young boy who saved her life as an eaglet. That boy was the current King of the only human empire, Mykal.

Swimming as fast as he could, Amanaki was racing against time to reach the closest port of the human empire. He could not let Adam conquer the land. If he accomplished his goal, than mayhem would ravage the air, land, and sea. Amanaki knew the true face of Adam, after all it was because of him that Amanaki was left handicap without his right arm. For the love of the depths, Mykal should of killed that boy ages ago. If only Amanaki was not missing an appendage, he could of reach the port sooner.

Notching her bow as she stalked her prey Shakkari heard footsteps quickly approaching her. She shifted her gaze, pulling on the arrow with even greater force and held her breath. Don’t shoot, Shakkari I bring word from the High Mother. The humans are going to war. Trembling, she reached for the letter in the messengers hand and slowly read the words it is time to hunt.

Uphanir enjoyed for his morning to be the same everyday. He would wake up before the Great Fire in the sky and eat his weight in vegetables. He was a peculiar orc, with unorthodox methods, but no one could deny his strength and ingenuity. He did become the youngest Shaman Elder since the orcs started documenting their history. But this morning Uphanir slept until the Great Fire was at its highest peak, for he knew he would not rest for many days after today.

Tyfin loved war. Truthfully he loved profit over violence, but war helped to sustain his family. As the highest grade craftsmen of the dwarves, Tyfin knew the particulars of every mechanism. And with Adam declaring war on Mykal, and with the races supporting either side, he knew that after all this was over he would be the richest person in Vosha.

Mykal has ruled this land unfairly. He favors those with close ties to his own family and he even places the other races above us. He is no leader. He is a coward. Adam ignited the passion in his subordinates hearts. He rallied the peasants and his comrades from the army. He even contacted the other races and let them know there would be a war before he officially declared it.

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