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Granderhill Character Information

Hello fellow readers and writers. If you are reading my Portfolio. You will notice that I am slowly placing in Volume One of Granderhill. So I have decided to give you a little background on a few of the main characters of the series so that you can have a better idea who they are. Hope this gives the the insight of the story and move love to want to read and know more about them.

DAMIEN FOXX (Main Protagonist)

Male 14 yrs old in the first two novels DOB: June 25th

Race: White Human / Elf Hybrid Sexuality: Straight

Hometown: Martin IL USA (EARTH)

Current Family: Janice (Aunt) Sierra (Sister) Trinity (Sierra)

Future Family: Octavia (Daughter) Xavier (Son)

Hobbies: Movie fanatic, D&D, Reading, and hanging out with family.

Summary: Is part of the prophecy of Granderhill to save the realm from the grasp of Narlyx. He’s the heir to Granderhill, the rightful king of Torman / The White Pearl.

Abilities / Powers: In volume one Damien does not find what powers he has. Though in Volume two he begins to learn that he does indeed have powers and his first is abling to create a bright blue light around his sword's blade which turned into lightning. More powers come as he grows as a character.

Weakness: Unable to control his gifts, easily traumatized and full of anger. Family is a weakness as he cares to closely for them.

Appearance: (1) fourteen year old boy with a Justin Beiber surfer haircut, brunette hair, blue eyes, standing 5ft 1in tall. Wears long navy blue waistcoat, a white lace shirt, black breeches, and leather boots, and a black hooded cape of wool. A large straight 31 inches double-edged arming sword with a single-handed hilt of red and gold, sheathed to his hip.

Personality: Damien cares deeply for anyone he comes close to. Especially his friends and his family. He is very smart as his grades in school never have been below a B+, all except for home economics in which he was never that great with preparing food in the kitchen. He is extremely athletic as he is a gymnast at a local gymnastics center where he trains in an Elite state, making him one not to recon with as far as agility and flipping in the air. He loves movies and will quote any movie he can when a movie topic comes up. Although he argues with his sisters (especially Sierra) he loves them to death and would protect them with his life. One thing you can notice about the young preteen is that he has anger issues when it comes to jealousy or not getting what he wants, not to mention the changes he is going through with puberty is causing emotions in which are arising from deep with in.

EVELYN SCARLETT (Female Protagonist)
Female 15yrs old DOB: Unknown

Race: Caucasian Human Sexuality: Straight

Hometown: Torman (Granderhill)

Current Family: Joan “of Arc” Scarlett (Mother)

Hobbies: Reading, Sword fighting, Archery, Horseback riding

Summary: Raised in the castles walls of the White Pearl, Evelyn finds herself the apprentice to Dorlius Greybeard (the scholar / wizard / advisor of the king). She is given the task to find, protect and advise the heir of Granderhill (Damien) during the time of the great Raid. After being placed under a sleeping spell, Evelyn finds herself protected and unaged in the year of 2023, where she is all alone in Torman. With the willingness to restore her people she seeks out Damien, and brings him back only to start reuniting the sanctions of the White Council. Over time with in the series Evelyn finds herself deeply in love with Damien, all while finding her true destiny in becoming a Dragon Rider / Beast Tamer, and being the Lionheart of the Great Prophecy. She also becomes blessed as she is made into fairykind by the pixies of the Fairy Island.

Abilities: Is the purest of light, Made fairykind abling to produce the light of Fairies upon her. She also is able to connect with her dragon and control beasts of all kinds to do her will.

Weakness: Dark entities, Damien (as is falling in love with him)

Appearances: (1) fourteen year old brunette with long hair in a braid, and brown eyes. Wears a scarlet red and brown caviler rangers outfit with a hood on her jacket, brown fingerless gloves, and a bow and quiver draped on her back. At her hip she carries a short sword. A satchel, and an ivory horn draped over her chest.

Personality: Evelyn is a loving and caring young woman who loves her mother Joan. She has always wanted to be exactly like Joan in most ways especially being a great warrior and someday a knight on the King’s table. Evelyn is a very focus and determined young girl who will fight harder than anyone. She will train until her hands and feet are bleeding, or until someone defeats her with great force. Although Evelyn seems real tough, the teenager does have a soft side and a warm heart. She can get real jealous especially when it comes to people being better than her or if someone is in her way in a romantic view of things.



Race: Woodland Elf Sexuality: Straight

Home: Misty Forest / (Granderhill)

Family: Kind Elmar (father) Queen Amara (mother) Deserai (sister) Tibult (brother) Arwen (daughter) Octavia (sister)

Hobbies: Expert archer, Expert swordsman, Expert scout

Summary: Way before the attack on Torman, Bredan found himself in love with Razlyn the Scarlet Dragon. This was unheard of and was disliked by the Woodland Elf Council. This caused Bredan to be tossed out of the great city and become an outcast with his love of his life. With Razlyn, Bredan became a legend. He became the first Woodland Elf to become both a Dragon Rider and a Beast Tamer, only the Rider’s title Bredan never took as what he was, as his connection with Razlyn was not like the connection real Dragon Riders have with their dragons. He traveled in many distances across Granderhill, and with in other realms where he met many unlikely individuals and learned more on the outlook on magic and the way of nature.

Abilities / Skills: Able to tame and control beasts, master hunter / scout / tracker, Able to run long distances, able to see long distance (has the sight of a hawk), agility of a hare, expert swordsman / archer

Weakness: His overly confidence, His love for Razlyn & Arwen

Appearance: Very similar to Legolas from LOTR. Only his hair is shorten to his shoulders, he has dazzling light green eyes. He wears a evergreen and brown elven scout uniform with brown boots, a chakrum on his hip, a bow and quiver of arrows on his back. A long sword and two short swords also on his back. Later he wears a red scarlet dragon scale jacket with black dragon scale trousers. Same weapons on him.

Personality: Like most elves Bredan is extremely confident in himself, and thinks he knows all when it comes to war and hunting. He is very intelligent, and often speaks with a calm wise voice. He often belittles others especially muggles (humans), and dwarves. Although Bredan is very adventures he can become reckless and over confident to place others into real danger. But if he likes you and cares for you, he will likely come to the saving and saves those who he thinks deserves it.



Race: Royal Western Dragon Sexuality: Straight

Hometown: Scalenovia (Granderhill / Shadowlands)

Family: Slaughtavious (father) Astrail (sister) Arwen (daughter) Cree (brother) Jalissa (Mother) Jazeem (uncle) Kronk (uncle) Nautallica (sister) Psy (aunt) Raiza (sister) Sloana (sister) Terathea (aunt) Tearrek (uncle) Taint (brother)

Hobbies: Loves to lay around and spend time with family. Loves to go flying, and hunt

Summary: Being the daughter of the king of dragons, Razlyn had the responsibilities of a princess to follow the rules of Scalenovia. But being not like the rest of her family Razlyn had a love for other creatures besides her own kind, especially elves. She often was the trouble child who did what she wanted when she wanted, which soon ended badly for her as she was banished from her homeland of Scalenovia, when her father Slaughtavious finds that she has fallen in love with a woodland elf named Bredan. After banishment, Razlyn traveled many lands and realms with Bredan until they ran into Damien and Evelyn in the Midway Plains. Life after that changed for her dramatically.

Abilities: Flight, Ember Blasts, Elven transformation

Weakness: Too caring and loving. Vulnerable when in her elven form as her elven skin isn’t as tough as her dragon scales.

Appearance: (Dragon) A large short neck western dragon with scarlet red scales, a gold underbelly, a pair of large black goat like horns on top of her head between her fin like ears, batlike wings, a serpent’s tail, and a row of black spikes down her neck, back and tail. (Elven form) is a five foot ten inch tall elven woman with spike chopped flaming red, orange and yellow hair, pointy ears, green eyes (unless upset then they turn reddish orange), and a athletically gymnast build. She wears a gold red vest jacket with gold trim, black leather pants, black boots, and a dragon medallion around her neck. She wields a elven sword on her belt.

Personality: Not like other dragons, Razlyn isn’t bullheaded, but has love for others. She cares and wants to learn from other races. She is very intelligent, and wise as she has lived a long time and have experienced much outside of her homeland. Although most Western dragons are in love with physical treasures, Razlyn’s love is the treasure of the heart. She loves Bredan with all she is, and will stand beside him no matter what. She is extremely brave, and will take chances and is fierce and vicious when needs to be. Many of her kind fear her only because she was trained personally by her father (who has never lost a battle in the Dragon Arena).


Race: Minotaur Sexuality: Straight

Hometown: Forgetful Valley / Havenya (Granderhill)

Summary: Father and loving husband, Brute is the captain of the minotaur militia with in the lands of Forgetful Valley. After the time of the great Demon War, the minotaurs sought peace with the White Council and become great allies (although not all agreed with this). Wanting nothing more than his family protected Brute was gracious enough to accept the terms in which his Chief Rhodes and the king of Torman (Aldimius) have placed. After the attack on Torman and the rebirth of Narlyx, the Rougarou warlock Crux took a chance and enslaved the minotaur using their brute strength in his labor camps. Brute in the other hand was placed under a spell and a curse with in the great Labyrinth with his fellow comrade Marat and his chief Rhodes where they were made into vicious guardians to guard the Elixar of Healing Hearts.

Abilities / Skills: Incredible strength, great strategist

Weakness: His family

Appearance: Has the body of a man with black skin and fur, with a bull’s head attached to his neck. Instead of human feet he has cloven hooves, and has a bull’s tail. he carries a battle ax in hand. Look at image below to get a better idea.

Personality: Although he acts real tough and “bullheaded” Brute has the heart of a lion and cares for his family and those close to him. He is full of pride and has great honor placed upon him. He is very competitive, even if it is to get the better insult. He is determined and will never faulter or give up, and will die giving 110%.


Male 55yrs old

Race: Caucasian Human Sexuality: Straight

Hometown: Torman / Havenya (Granderhill)

Family: Queen Porcia (Wife), Jaquline (Daughter), Harmony (daughter), Hope (daughter), Miracle “Mira” (daughter), Iris (daughter)

Summary: King Aldimius was brought upon the throne through marriage. After marrying Lady Porcia, Aldimius took his role as king of Torman. He was a peaceful and kind king, who loved his people and his land, and wanted nothing more but peace and harmony with in Granderhill. He was strict as far as following the Grand Treaty of Old, and was not fond of war. After the threat from the Dark Trio (Druella, Druell, and Crux) Aldimius had to make action in seeking out those sanctions in the Shadowlands, but as he headed for the land, he and his small unite (including Joan of Arc) was ambushed by the gorgon sisters and a few other dark creatures. No one knows of what happened to King Aldimius after the ambush except for the rumor that he was killed.

Abilities / Skills: Great leader, excellent swordsman, master strategist

Weakness: His love of his people and family

Appearance: a man in his forties black hair and beard wearing a gold crown with jewels upon his head, a scarlet and gold suit of armor and cape. A sword with a gold handle on his hip

Personality: He is a stern king, and seeks out the right punishments for the crimes his people commits. He is also very loving and caring, and will do anything for his people. He is overly trusting with certain sanctions, and is very stern on the rules of his kingdom.


Female 38yrs old

Race: Caucasian Human Sexuality: Bisexual

Hometown: Pennytown / Shadowlands (Granderhill) Torman /Havenya

Family: Evelyn Scarlet (adopted daughter)

Summary: A woman of brilliant heroism, Joan made herself a strong knight for King Aldimius. Growing up Joan did not have the childhood she thought she would have as a girl. She was treated badly by her father, in which made her tougher than nails. She was beat and used and after time, Joan finally stood up for herself and took down the town’s bully. After that no boy ever made fun of her or picked on her. She then begin to train in secret on sword fighting, and doing knightly skills. At times she would watch the knights train in their arena, and took notes so that she could train similar to how they were. After her fifteenth birthday, Joan find the opportunity to leave her home of Pennytown, and adventure out west into Havenya where she soon saved the life of King Aldimius against a gorgon. Seeing the heroics in the young woman, Aldimius brought her to Torman, and made her a scout in his knight guard. After time, Joan showed her skill and obedience and began climbing up the ranks until she became the King’s loyal Guard, and General of his Militia. She was then dubbed Joan of Arc the Galliant and was given a ball in her honor. After a time at the king’s side, Joan was given word of her sister being killed, leaving her two year old niece orphaned. Joan took little Evelyn in as her own daughter and made sure she was raised noble and right with in the castle of the White Pearl.

Abilities / Skills: Expert swordsman, master horse rider, heroic fighter, grand strategist

Weakness: Overly confident and protective

Thirty year old woman standing at five foot six inches tall with thick muscular body built. Her blue eyes were far apart, and somewhat prominent, and her hair was black, and short. She wore an iron plated suit of armor with a gold symbol of a gryphon on the breast plate, and a locket around her neck. She wield a gladius gladiator sword at her hip and a bastard sword on her back.

Personality: Joan has always been confident in herself, and always pushes herself over the limit. She wants to always try and be the best she can be, even when it comes to parenting Evelyn. She loves and cares for her niece deeply, and feel is guilty in keeping the truth from Evelyn that she is not her real mother. She wants the best for Evelyn, and pushes Evelyn hard on her studies and her training. AS a knight she is very loyal, caring, and courageous. She takes the responsibility for the actions she or her troops makes, and often depends on her people to have her back.



Race: Caucasian Human Sexuality: Unknown

Hometown: Torman / Havenya (Granderhill)

Hobbies: Reading, studying magic / spells, traveling to other realms

Summary: Dorlius Greybeard grew up as a young pure blood wizard with in the Witchtown of Spellmound, on Cosmos Island. There he went to wizardry school with many young witches and wizards, and graduated top of his class. After leaving his school, young Dorlius found himself in the small city of Felton where he and his best friend Caitlyn Honnycutt became Lady Teddla’s advisors and healers. But after a time of a great war between dragon riders, beast tamers, and the people of Felton, the city fell, and Dorlius had to move on with a doubt of defeat in his pocket. He soon found himself leaving Cosmos Island, and adventuring with in the main lands of the realm where he found himself in Torman. There Dorlius offered his services to King Aldimius who took him in only to have a wizard on the militia. When the time of the great Demon War arise, Dorlius was one of the first to help Aldimius on the battlefield, saving the king’s life more than once. With a heroic gatitude for the wizard, Aldimius made Dorlius his advisor, and later the school master of all the nobles with in the castle. Soon enough Dorlius became Evelyn’s teacher, and found greatness with in the young lady. With great effort, Dorlius made Evelyn his pupil and apprentice in his studies of knowledge and made Evelyn learn as much as he could make her.

Abilities / Skills: the Arts of witchcraft and wizardry, the dark arts, spell casting, divination, magical energy manipulation, potion making, wand / staff magic, linguistics

Weakness: The dark Arts

Man in his seventies, with long grey and white hair and beard. Thin man who wears a purple robe that sweeps along the ground, and a medallion around his neck.

Personality: Kind and caring but very stern in his teachings. He can be quite secretive on things in which he wishes not to let known, and is a very loyal and trusting individual. He is strict and very wise in the studies of lands, creatures, magic, and history.

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