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Chapter Twenty Two: Princesses of Torman

After Damien’s and Evelyn’s departure many months ago, Lady Rumla took charge of the city in which was in dire need of help. Gathering her animal friends, nymphs, brownies, kabolds, and house elves, the panther directs order to rebuild and bring the city’s silent state back to life. Slowly and surely the city was coming together nicely as many begun to arrive from ouside the city walls. Chief Rhodes with the Taurans of Rolling Hills, Borg the Cyclopes, the Giffs and Capelobos of Teardrop Valley, Arakrocas of Skyland, Kithkins of Midday Timberlands, and soon enough the dragon Silver Tongue arrive with dedication to befriend and ally with the city and their soon to be king of the realm. All was refurnished and restored to it’s original glory and just in time as Seamore and Bates flies in with unexpected guests.

As the gryphon lands, Rumla approaches the mighty creature, “What is this?”

Flying in right next to Seamore, Bates morphs into his human form and lands next to the gryphon, “Greetings Lady Rumla. Sorry for this unexpected surprise, but it was a necessary inturuption.”

“Who do we have here?” Rumlas ask as she looks up at the two girls who have just climbed down from the gryphon’s back.

“This Lady Rumla is Sierra and Trinity Foxx. Sir Damien’s sisters.” Seamore comments.

“This is so unexpected. We are still working on the city. It is really no place for children at this time.” Rumla comments.

“Yes, that may be, but I am afraid things get in the way. You see we had to bring them here, otherwise they would have been stuck alone in their world.” Bates repies.

“What do you mean Master Bates?” the panther looks up at the sadden eyes of the oldest, “My dear why are you so sad? What tragedy has happened to you poor cubs?”

“It was Kross, Lady Rumla. He has taken their Aunt.” Bates sighs. “They need a place to stay, and I felt this was the right place for them, as their brother will be king of the Pearl.”

“Oh my. Poor cubs… Poor poor cubs.” Rumla sighs, “You did the right thing Bates. We will make sure that they are comfortable within the castle walls. I will make sure the nymphs, kabolds, and house elves tend to them and care for them. After all they are royalty, and this is their home. Now come with me my children. I will take you to Kliea. She will take you to your rooms so you can get settled.”

The panther escorts the two girls up the castle stairs as Seamore flies off, and Bates morphs into his robin form and heads to find Damien. Entering the castle, the girls’ eyes widens at the sight of what they saw. Marble walls and floors, velvet red rugs, and a massive set of stairs in the lobby that split in opposite directions halfway up, and a grand golden chandelier above their heads hanging from a very high ceiling. Approaching them was a nymph woman with a bark color skin tone, orange leavy hair, and autumn colored eyes. She wore a leaf dress of autumn colors.

“Oh good, you are still here Kliea. This is Princess Sierra and Princess Trinity, sisters of Sir Damien. I want you to show them to their rooms on the third floor. Make them feel welcome and help them get settled will you?” Rumla asks.

“Of course milady. Anything for the Princesses of Torman.” Kliea smiles at the two girls. “Please come with me princesses.”
Kliea takes Sierra and Trintiy to their great chamber. The third level was much like the rest of the place, with marble white walls and floors, and a single long velvet red rug down the center with golden trim. Against the walls were table like stands where flowers, and random décor sat on to make the hallways look pretty. On the walls themselves were many portrait paintings of past people who have either lived in the castle, or visited for a long stay. Waling down the hall, Kliea comes to the third double white doors on the left. Grabbing the gold handle, Kliea opens the door revealing a large chamber room. As they stepped inside the room in which was obviously the boudoir of the chambers was bright as the red curtains were wide open letting in the sunlight. The walls were the same white marble, but the floors was a turquoise color of marble with dots of white. It reminded Sierra of a splatter painting on the floor. The lobby had a large fireplace in which was kindling with a great amber fire. It had seating of two armchairs, and a love seat surrounding the fireplace. A large oval top table of white sat centered in the room with a bouquet of flowers displayed in the center.

“This is your chambers milady. To the right is your bedroom, and to the left is Trinty’s room.” Kliea states. “Please have a look around, and get situated. I am sure you will enjoy living here.”

Sierra heads to her room. Opening the doors, she steps inside. The room was pretty large, almost as large as the lobby area. Inside was a large queen size bed with white and gold comforter and pillows all made up. At the end was an flower printed Chandra bench. A large wooden wardrobe sat against the wall, near white vanity with a bench and a large oval mirror. There was also a small round table with a matching set of chairs in which was believed to be for serving meals at. On the other side Trinity enters her room, which was pretty similar to Sierra’s only the comforter were pink and white, and the bench was a lite pink color.

The two girls came back out to the lobby where Kliea was standing patiently. “So what do you think?”

“It’ll do.: Sierra softly comments. “When will we see our brother?”

“I do not know my lady.” Kliea replies. “I believe he is out on a mission at the moment. That is something you would need to ask Lady Rumla. I only work in the castle. I do not know the details on council business.”

“So now what do we do?” Trinity asks.

“I believe you can do pretty much whatever you want princess. After all this is your home.” Kliea states. “Although I would talk to Rumla about exploring around first. I think there are still places being worked on in the castle. But I believe the Great Hall, Kitchen, and Cabinets are avalible to look around. I am sure if you go to the kitchen the chiefs could whip you up something to eat. The lavators are all over the place so if you need them just ask one of the staff. Also the Royal gardens would be a great place for you to explore. It is quite large with a lake, dovecotes, a summer house, a greenhouse, gazebos, arbors, Pergolas, armadas, and trellises. It has over three hundred species of plants, thousands of trees, birds, animals, and fey folk that roam the grounds.”

“I think something to eat would be nice. I haven’t really ate anything all day.” Sierra comments as her stomach begun to rumble.

“Would you like me to send up some food? Or do you plan to visit the kitchen yourself?” Kliea asks.

“I’ll go visit the kitchen. It will be nice to walk around and clear our heads.” Sierra tells Kliea.

“Very good.” Kliea smiles. “I guess I’ll let you two do whatever you desire. If you need anything just ask anyone in the castle. Someone will help you or find someone who is able to.”

The tree nymph steps out of the princess’ great chamber and as the nymph leaves a south American tapir approaches, “Greeting Princesses. I am Hans. I have come to deliver a message to you.”

“Hello Hans. What is the message?” Sierra asks.

“Lady Rumla would like you to join her this evening in the garden after you get settled. She would like discuss a few things.” Hans tells the blonde girl. “Would you like me to take you there?”

“I am sure we can manage.” Sierra tells the tapir. “Thanks anyways Han.”

The tapir exits and leaves Sierra and Trinity. The two girls then begun their exploring. They visited most the lower levels of the castle in which had most of the interesting rooms, as the other levels was where the chambers and servant household rooms were. They soon arrived out in the large garden where they spoke with the Rumla who told them the basic rules of the castle and when certain things would be taking place, and where the girls would be allowed to be.

After a few days have passed, both Sierra and Trinity have settled into the life style of princesses. They dressed the part in nice dresses, and had their hair neatly combed everyday. They also took studies by Rumla, and a few of the nymphs on the nature and the life in Granderhill. It seemed the girls had a daily routine in which made their lives easier and kept them from thinking about much of their Aunt or where Damien was at.

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