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Chapter Six: The Graveyard

It was a grand feast in deed, and Damien was filled with such great entertainment through Echo and her sister Seppia. Seppia was a dazzling beautiful young Kender who had to be close to Damien’s age. She has beautiful red-orange hair which was braided up with great tropical flowers and vines. Her eyes were a evergreen color, and her lips were a soft pink color. She wore that night a slit red and blue dress that flowed like silk in the wind. Her eye lashes blinked many times as she was dazzled by how cute Damien was, which made Evelyn feel real uncomfortable that night. After the great feast Damien headed to the hut in which Echo let him sleep in where he slept soundly for the night, and waking up to find himself laying in bed with Seppia. Thankfully she laid inches away enough for him to get up with out disturbing her. Scouting out of the bed, Damien clothed himself and walks out of the hut where he finds Evelyn eating a few berries while sitting under a tree with Ming.

“Good morning.”Damien approaches Evelyn.

“I would say it’s a pleasant morning for sure. But I bet you had a great night.” Evelyn rolls her eyes at Damien.

“What is that suppose to mean?” Damien asks.

“It means that you should be focused on our mission and not sleep with every girl that has a crush on you. That’s what it means.” Evelyn stands to her feet quickly and walks away leaving Damien and Ming there alone.

“What was that all about?” Damien looks confused over at Ming.

“That is something you need to discuss with her. I am not getting in the middle of it.” Ming scurries off.
Left there confused and uncertain on Evelyn’s behavior Damien looks around at the Kender people as they manage to go on with their daily routines. As she stood there Bredan walks over with Echo.

“Good marrow Damien. I hope you and Seppia had a good night.” Echo smiles at the young teenager.

“I slept well if that is what you wonder. Nothing happened between me and your sister.” Damien tells Echo.

“Well…that’s a pitty.” Echo sighs.

“Are you ready to get moving Damien? We have a long journey today as we travel through the Mud Dessert.” Bredan asks.

“Yes just let me go back and get my sword.” Damien tells Bredan as he hurries off for the hut.

Arriving at the hut, Damien enters only to find Seppia awake standing there before him completely naked. “Good morning my dear handsome lad.”

Damien’s widen by the gorgeous sight he stared at before him, Um….good morning.” Damien grabs his sword which was leaning on the bed. “It was nice to meet you Seppia. I must get going.”

Quickly before Seppia could say another word, Damien rushes out of the hut and jogs over to where the other were. Strapping his sword to his belt, Damien stands between Gordo and Liam.

With all the gear packed up, and everyone ready to move, the company heads east once more as Bredan leads the way. They traveled east through more of the tropical forest for a good several hours. It was hot, and muggy and the bugs were not pleasant in any shape or form. Damien felt the bites of mosquitoes and the constant buzzing of flies around him. Trying to make the flies to go away, Damien runs into the back of Bredan who has stopped.

“What gives?” Damien asks.

“We made it. The Mud Dessert.” Bredan responds.

Looking pass Bredan, Damien saw the terrain before him. It was a wasteland of sand, dirt and mud. Scattered everywhere was bones of all kinds of creatures from chimearas, dragons, giants, and even human remains. Large pools of mud was also scattered everywhere in all directions.

“An Elephant Graveyard? That’s what the Mud Dessert is?” Damien asks.

“Yes. A graveyard only because of the creatures that live with in the dessert.” Razlyn comments.

“What kind of creatures?” Ming asks.

“Mud Giants.” Echo replies.

“Seriously? Sounds like a dumb name for a creature. What is it made of mud?” Damien giggles.

“Actually they are. Tons of mud.” Razlyn replies. “But don’t let the name fool you young king. Mud Giants are not creatures anyone wants to mess with. As you can see the bones here are from many creatures including giants and dragons.”

“Then if these creatures are so dangerous why are we going in there?” Damien asks.

“Because it is the quickest way to the canyon without going through the middle of the island.” Bredan responds.

“Can we even travel through that mud? I mean it looks thick.” Liam asks. “My fur is going to get all nasty and dirty. You know how hard it is to get mud out of goat fur?”

“Oh brother.” Brute shakes his head. “The pipsqueak is worried about his looks in the dessert? Poor billy goat.”

Baaa!” Liam huffs.

“Will you two knock it off.” Bredan looks back at the minotaur and the satyr.

“We should get moving across it if we want to get through the dessert before nightfall.” Echo speaks out.

“Why can’t Raz just fly us over?” Liam asks.

“I can’t carry you all, plus I have a weird feeling. A feeling I don’t get unless I am near one of my own kind.” Razlyn comments.

“Come on then lets get this done and over with.” Liam huffs.

The fellowship begins to step through the muddy dessert lands of the graveyard. As the move the mud got deeper and thicker, and the mud pools around them began to bubble. Soon enough the fellowship was wading in the muck of thick mud.

“I think Liam was right about going through this. It’s getting too thick to even move through.” Evelyn states as she moves incredibly slow in the mud which was right below her hips.

“We should go back.” Damien adds.

“I agree. We can’t keep moving through this.” Brute sighs. “Even I am have a hard time through this, and I think the satyrs have stopped moving behind me.”

“There is no way we can keep going Bredan.” Evelyn yells out at Bredan who kept trying to push forward.

“We must keep moving. We are already loosing time.” Bredan calls out.

“Bredan stop!” Razlyn yells out. “No one can go any further. Poor Echo had to climb up onto my back.”

Bredan huffs, “Fine.”

Bredan turns around just and sees everyone was worn out and covered deeply with mud. Bredan shakes his head and begins moving back towards his company. “Come on. We have no choice now but to go the long way.”

As they just got to an area in the dessert where the mud was only covering their feet area the bubbling of the mud pool nearest to Damien begin to bubble chaotically.

“Damien get away from there!” Razlyn calls out.

Backing away from the mud pool, closer to Evelyn, Damien looks at the pool of mud as the mud itself began to rise and grow as a big blob standing fifteen feet tall. The blob formed a head with a large mouth, and burning red eyes, and huge gigantic four finger hands. The creature roars shaking the ground as it stares down upon the fellowship in the mud.

“Run!!” Liam yells as he starts panicing and stepping away from the Mud Giant trying to make a run for it.

“No! Don’t move!” Echo cries out.

Liam stops and stands still with a worried look on his face.

“What do we do?” Damien asks.

“Stand still. The creatures are incredibly dumb. Whatever you do don’t make sudden movements. They have terrible sight.” Echo comments.

“I’ll handle the creature. You all slowly wade back towards the forest.” Bredan tells the group.

The mud giant looks around unable to see anyone in front of him. Then out of the corner of its eye he sees Liam slowly moving. “Food!” The giant turns its focus towards the satyr and begins swimming towards the frightened goatman.

“Ahhh!” Liam panics and begins to move and trip over the mud trying to run out of the mud and towards the forest.

“Run now!” Razlyn yells. “It spots you Liam!”

“I’m trying! Help!”Liam trips and falls into the mud. Trying to get up he finds himself completely stuck. “Help! Someone help me!”

“Hold on Senor! Help is coming!” Francis yells out as he his on Brute’s shoulders as the minotaur moves as fast as he could through the mud towards Liam.

As the minotaur moves towards Liam, so does the Mud Giant, which seemed to be moving through the mud with no problems. The satyr was petrified as it stares at the blob creature moving towards him. Damien, Evelyn, Gordo, and Razlyn stands still unsure what to do. The courageous woodland elf pulls out his bow, and a trick arrow he has in his quiver. The trick arrow’s tip was different with a blue egg shape. Aiming Bredan fires the trick arrow. Landing on the Mud Giant’s right side, the arrow tip burst and a cold breeze of frost mists outwards, freezing the mud giant’s side. Trying to move the creature roars with anger in its tone.

Brute approaches Liam and grabs scoops the satyr up into his arms and begins moving towards the forest. The mud giant turns its head and looks back at Bredan. “Food!”

“Get out of here! All of you!” Bredan yells out taking out another freezing trick arrow from his quiver. “I’ll keep the creature busy.”

Damien, Evelyn (with Ming), Gordo and Razlyn (with Echo) moves towards Brute, Francis and Liam as the Mud Giant moved towards Bredan. As soon as the fellowship was out of the thick mud and back on dry land, Razlyn places Echo down on the ground and looks back at Bredan.

The elf fires his trick arrow and the arrow piece into the Mud Giant’s stomach area, freezing the giant’s front side, and hands. The colossal beast couldn’t move for a few moments giving the woodland elf the short time to begin wading through the mud towards his comrades.

The ice around the front of the Mud Giant shatters with in moments, not giving Bredan much time to make much distance away from the gigantic creature. Worried Razlyn’s eyes turned bright reddish orange as she morphs up into her great western dragon form. She roars a trembling cry which made Damien fall over to his bottom.

“Red wait! Let us come with! I got a plan!” Evely calls out to the dragon as Damien get back up onto his feet.

“Hurry up my dear child. Bredan is in trouble.” Razlyn telepathically tells Evelyn.

“Come on Damien. I need your help.” Evelyn grabs Damien’s hand and pulls him towards Razlyn.

The two climbed up onto the great red dragon’s back and with the vigerious push of her wings she lifts into the sky and heads for the Mud Giant. As Razlyn heads towards Bredan and the colossal creature, Evelyn digs into her satchel and pulls out a large raindrop shape vial with light blue liquid inside.

She hands it to Damien, “I’ll need you to throw this at the Mud Giant. I’ll fire an arrow at it and shatter the creature with the arrow.”

As Razlyn soared right over head of the Mud Giant Evelyn takes out her bow and an arrow out of her quiver. She pulls back and aims towards the Mud Giant, “Now Damien!”

Damien throws the vial which hits the Mud Giant in the shoulder. As Evelyn releases, the arrow fires, and the vial shatters causing the frozen liquid to spread across the entire creature, freezing the Mud Giant completely into an ice statue. The arrow hits the Mud Giant, only to ricochet off and fall flat next to the frozen creature.

“Sard! It didn’t work!” Evelyn cries out.

“The creature is frozen though. Isn’t that enough?” Damien asks.

“Bredan move fast. We are not sure how long the creature will be frozen.” Razlyn telepathically tells her lover.

Circling closely the the Mud Giant, Razlyn watches her lover move towards the forest. A sudden cracking sound rumbles as the frozen Mud Giant suddenly breaks free with a great roar. Seeing Razlyn, the colossal creature reaches its mud arm out stretching it out and grabbing the Dragon. Razlyn’s wings get covered by mud making them stick, and unable to move. She free falls down to the mudlands beneath her with Evelyn and Damien upon her back. Landing in the thick mud, Razlyn’s body gets covered by the sticky thick mud, as Damien and Evelyn sit upon her back.

“Red we gotta get out of here!” Evelyn calls out.

“I can’t move. I’m stuck. There is no way I can get out of this unless I turn into my elf form. But I dare not to morph as I am afraid we are in thick and deep mud. It could drown us all if I turn.” Razlyn calls out telepathically to Evelyn and Damien. “I am sorry my children. I can not risk it.”

“What do we do now?” Ming panics as he sits there on Evelyn’s shoulder.

“I don’t know, Ming.” Evelyn sighs. “My arrows don’t work against that creature.”

“Do you have another bottle of that potion?” Damien asks.

“I can see if I can get my hands on another one. But I don’t know what good it’ll do. My arrows won’t make the ice shatter, and it won’t hold the creature long enough to free Razlyn.” Evelyn states.

“Just get it. We have to try something. It’ll give us a little time to get Razlyn somewhat free.” Damien states.
“Fine. But not sure how much it will help.” Evelyn digs into her satchel pulls out the second vial of the same freezing potion and hands it to Damien. “Here.”

As Evelyn hands the vial to Damien a spark of light shines off Evelyn’s hand and a tingle feeling went into Damien.

“What the heck was that?” Evelyn shakes her head not knowing what that light and shock was.

“Probably just static shock.” Damien tells Evelyn.

Turning his attention to the Mud Giant Damien squints his eyes to focus. With a wind-up he throws a curve ball throw at the Mud Giant. The vial shatters against the creature freezing the creature slowly, like a virus spreading through the body.

Now what?” Evelyn asks.

“Now you try and cut Razlyn free with your sword.” Damien tells Evelyn.

“And what are you gunna do?” Evelyn asks.

“I’m gunna keep an eye on the mud giant of course.” Damien tells Evelyn.

“Ming can do that. Why don’t you get your sword out and help me.” Evelyn says as she pulls out her sword.

“Fine.” Damien grips his sword handle and pulls it out.

As Damien unsheathed his sword a sudden spark of energy pass through his body and then his blade upon his sword beamed a bright light blue light around it.

“What the hell? How did you do that?” Evelyn asks.

“I don’t know.” Damien eyes widen with shock.

“I haven’t seen that sword do that before.” Evelyn tilts her head with curiosity.

“It’s magic. Something sparked in Damien. I can feel it.” Razlyn telepathically answers. “It’s a trait us dragons can sense and even smell. I got the sense when the two of you touched a moment ago.”

“What do I do with it?” Damien asks looking at the shining blade of the sword.

“What do you feel? Embrace it. Feel it. It will tell you what to do.” Razlyn comments. “Close your eyes. It helps when you are just starting to learn of your magic.”

Damien closes his eyes and concentrates on the tingling feeling he feels with in him. His grip of the sword loosens slightly. With both hands, Damien grips his sword, and with an over head throw, Damien lets the sword fling forward. Flipping in the air the light around the blade begins to change with electricity of blue lighting. It pierces into the frozen mud giant, and a sudden sound of shatter cries. The Mud Giant crumbles into shattered pieces of ice and the sword pieced the solid hard and cold ground in which the Mud Giant once stood.

Evelyn finishes cutting out Razlyn from the sticky mud, as Damien stood there still in shock of what he just did. Ming scurries over to him and climbs up his leg and to his shoulder.

“Damien are you alright?” Ming asks.

“Yeah. I’m good. Just trying to place my head around this whole thing.” Damien turns his head and looks at Ming. ‘Thanks for asks.
Moving her limbs and wings, Razlyn finally gets free from the mud. She lifts up into the air and hovers above the muddy ground. “Let’s grab your sword Damien. Then we’ll head over to the others. Got to make sure Bredan is okay.”

Razlyn flaps her wings and shifts herself over to where the sword stuck out of the ground. Reaching down, Damien pulls out the sword which the blade was now back to normal. He sheaths it and sits behind Evelyn, where they hold on to Razlyn as she lifts higher into the sky and flies over to the forest boarderline where the others wait.

Landing, Razlyn lowers herself down, as Damien and Evelyn slides down off her back. Once they were safely on the ground, The dragon morphs herself down into her elven form with spike pixie hair. As the three approach their friends and comrades, Bredan walks up to his lover and hugs her tightly and gives her a well deserved kiss.

“Are you okay?” Razlyn asks Bredan.

“When am I ever not okay?” the elf chuckles. “You should no a little danger doesn’t get to me like some.” He eyes Liam out of the corner of his eye.

Razlyn smiles at Bredan, “I just always gunna worry about you. I love you it’s my job too.”

Bredan turns his head towards Damien, “Finally found your inner soul huh? Now I can train you properly on how to wield your power and fight.”

“I don’t know about all that Bredan. I’m still not sure how I did it.” Damien sighs.

“You’ll learn how to channel your gifts once you know how to channel your inner soul better. There are two ways to wield magic well, one way in which most use, though I don’t care for it is by your mind causing to force the magic. But the proper way and more didactic would be through the heart.” Bredan expresses.
“Didactic?” Damien asks.

“Pure or good.” Razlyn giggles.

“Most who use magic mentally use the Dark Arts, or both. Or they are just spellcasters and potion masters. But if you truly have a gift, you want to use your heart as much as possible.” Bredan states. “The most powerful magic is through the heart you know.”

Damien confused looks over at Razlyn.

“He’s talking about true love dear. One thing many don’t have. But once you get it, your set for life pretty much.” Razlyn smiles at Damien.

“You think I’ll ever have that?” Damien asks.

“Who knows. Maybe. We have it. It wasn’t easy but we are very happy together and love each other so dearly that we will die for one another.” Razlyn states. “But in my all honesty not many humans ever experience the magic of true love.”

“Yeah I can see that. Back on Earth, people are never truly in love like it is written in books that is for sure. It’s more of a companionship, or sexual thing on Earth. And if they do love each other, most times it doesn’t last long.” Damien sighs.

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