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  1. BJ Swabb

    Granderhill Character Information

    Hello fellow readers and writers. If you are reading my Portfolio. You will notice that I am slowly placing in Volume One of Granderhill. So I have decided to give you a little background on a few of the main characters of the series so that you can have a better idea who they are. Hope this...
  2. M Corbett

    Character vs plot

    I’ve been finding that I get to a point in my novel (currently writing my first) where I know what plot I’m trying to set up but my character is not making it easy. It seems like they wouldn’t do the thing I imagined would set up the next plot point. What have you done at these moments? Change...
  3. IsaiahF

    Can't help but write myself as a character

    Greetings! Ok so, as the title points out, my weakness as a writer is writing protagonists that have their own psychology and arcs. The problem is, I unconsciously keep writing myself into my protagonists - I think because the only psychology I can reliably judge as plausible is my own. (It's...
  4. somerandomkid

    How to deal with two "chosen ones"?

    I have a story that, so far, has two chosen ones. Neither was created naturally; one by cult ritual and the other by specific experimental breeding of a part-angel human and a part-devil human. Essentially, the one created by ritual (D) was raised to be the messiah for the isolated cult he...
  5. S.T. Ockenner


    Do any writers here cite Skylanders, with their swashbuckling adventures in the sky, unique magic powers, and strange characters, as an inspiration in any of their writing, or know of authors that do?
  6. S.T. Ockenner

    Best D&D character ideas ever

    Cool D&D character idea: an unarmed, unarmored, Kobold wizard named Jimmy the Dismemberer, who has an intelligence score so low that he cannot cast spells.
  7. A shadowy portifolio

    Character Descriptions in the Q&A series

    Zoki: She's a small, grey shorthair cat with a long tail. Captain Flo, of the Coral Fleet: He is a towering steel wall of an orc, with a golden eyepatch over his left eye. The eyepatch has a red marble inside of it, which glows an unearthly light. His tusks are both broken, encased in bronze...
  8. S.T. Ockenner

    Vivid Description Of Your Characters

    Here is a thread to put vivid descriptions of your characters whenever you may wish. I will give an example: He was an attractive, middle aged man with umber skin framed by green tipped curls. His mustache was rather absurdly bushy, yet also rather well groomed. His hair reached past his...
  9. Carl Brothers

    Creating Fantasy Characters

    What approach do you favor more, using existing characters like 'werewolves' etc, or creating your own characters? Do you find yourselves liking a book that shows deep knowledge of it's genre by using characters in folklore and all, or do you appreciate originality more?
  10. J

    Can studying psychology work in creating realistic and likeable characters?

    So, I came across this book called: Writer's Guide to Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein, Phd. I read the book and found it to be really interesting, as she uses her psychology expertise to help create the how-to guide on creating realistic believable characters that people can relate to...
  11. D

    How to create more "3 dimensional" characters?

    I've had a few comments from people I've requested feedback from that some of my characters are a but two dimensional. I need to try to make them more 3 dimensional and feel more real. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I don't know if it's in the creation process where I'm missing giving my...
  12. d20kaiju

    What Monsters Would You Like to See More in Stories?

    I’m drafting a fantasy story from the perspective of the monsters and while I’m brain storming I thought I’d reach out to my fellow fantasy writers and see what monsters interest y’all the most? Are there any particular creatures you’d like to see more in books? Anything with an old favorite...
  13. D

    Humans on another planet?

    Usually I'm more into Urban Fantasy or alternative History with my world set here on earth. So this may be the first book where I have a Fantasy world created. I realized I'm not sure how to explain the existence of humans on this planet and that I've never read anything dealing with it. I...
  14. D

    Dislikable characters being popular?

    I've been noting this for a while but don't really understand it. Maybe it's just the stuff I read and watch, but it seems like the most horrible or dislikable characters seem to be everyone's favourite character. As a kid I liked The Worst Witch books and TV show and everyone seemed to prefer...
  15. Naomi Rey

    Memoire of a Whistleblower

    I need likeminded brains with whom I can bounce around ideas and questions. I'm almost finished with my first draft (70k words in) and I'm getting ideas of what needs to be worked on during the revision stage. It's the Iron Age... the concept "proof" is not what it is during the twenty-first...
  16. Captain's Log

    Captain's Log II

    Writing Date 9325.10 (pm) Hi folks, seems a while ago now, but how was your Christmas? Mine was mint (thanks for asking). I got a vinyl copy of Kamasi Washington’s Heaven and Earth; we saw Into the Spider-Verse on the big screen, and the day before Christmas Eve, the Cleveland Browns beat the...
  17. Writer’s_Magic

    How do I create a character, who doesn’t suck, with the hero’s journey?

    I chose the hero’s journey to outline my novel idea. I need a character for the next step. However, I decided that the character is female and lives the futuristic Boston. I haven’t more until yet. But how do I create a character, who doesn’t suck, with the hero’s journey?
  18. Mythic Guide to Characters

    Mythic Guide to Characters

    Here's the cover for the upcoming Mythic Guide to Characters.
  19. Sekhmetka in the Jungle

    Sekhmetka in the Jungle

    My protagonist Sekhmetka sneaking through the Central African rainforest in search of the terrorists who killed her brother.
  20. Sekhmetka the Egyptian Special Ops

    Sekhmetka the Egyptian Special Ops

    This character may look African-American at first glance, but she's actually Egyptian, or more specifically Kemetic; she hails from an alternate timeline in which various civilizations from our ancient past have survived into the modern era. A rigorously trained warrior, she works as an agent of...