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Character Descriptions in the Q&A series

Zoki: She's a small, grey shorthair cat with a long tail.

Captain Flo, of the Coral Fleet:
He is a towering steel wall of an orc, with a golden eyepatch over his left eye. The eyepatch has a red marble inside of it, which glows an unearthly light. His tusks are both broken, encased in bronze caps. From his jaw hangs a long beard with three braids, and from the sides of his upper lip, a beaded moustache. His cloak is no longer on, revealing his frilly red overcoat, a belt around his stomach, and a gleaming iron hook.

Purple Man: He is dwarf, with dark purple skin, cool lavender eyes, and a fur vest with a long, white nightshirt underneath. His legs are exposed, revealing his lack of body hair, and his feet are bare. His hands have icy mist flowing out of them, which slowly fades into the wind. He has a boxed, magenta beard and thinning hair.

Rathalas: He's a thin elf, his left arm is always slightly crooked and missing the last two fingers, he has jagged scars over his left eye, messy short black hair, tan skin, and metallic gold eyes. He usually wears a dark blue jacket similar to a peacoat (mens), a white button-up, black pants and boots. He also has a scimitar and a wood carving knife.
Corden: He's a dwarf with bushy brown hair and beard with some grey at the edges. He has broad features and dark eyes. He's stocky and usually wears a vivid red shirt over blazing white jacket and bright green pants or some similar level of clashing colours.
Zyre: He's a lithe vampire with pale grey skin and solid neon green eyes except for slitted pupils. He usually wears black silky shirt and pants. He has black hair, fangs but rest of his teeth are also pointed. He is armed with a longsword.
Kanya: She's human with pale skin, hazel eyes and light brown hair usually in a braid or ponytail. She has a sturdy figure and usually wears a neat uniform with guard insignia and carries a broadsword.
Characters that may end up being more important and have already been introduced...
Captain Demoux: He's a Sea Serpent Shifter with sharp narrow face, yellow eyes, no hair, crooked nose, smooth skin with a pale green tint and pointed teeth. He wears a dark green serpent skin suit and usually doesn't wear shoes unless there is an important meeting. He carries no weapons or extra apparel. In serpent form he is over a hundred feet long with dark green skin, yellow eyes, and a ridged head.
Mordin (2nd Mate): He's human with tanned skin, broad-shouldered, grey eyes and dark hair approaching shoulder length usually pulled back in a short tail as well as a short but well-trimmed beard. He wears a dark blue suit, carries a longsword and always has a pencil and paper with him.
Seaval (1st Mate): She's a tall lithe elf woman with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, blue eyes, tan skin and aristocratic features. She wears a stiff black uniform and carries a rapier.

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