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Stallyeks (S.T. Ockenner + Sheilawisz)

These dangerous Stallyek monsters are somewhat similar to a squirrel, except that they have very large and pointy ears, very long straight horns, a protruding snout and when standing on their hind legs they are over three meters tall!

The Stallyek has nightmarish claws and very sharp teeth and fangs, all fatally poisonous. They can jump great distances and run faster than any horse! Also, even a polar bear would be no match for the vicious strength of a Stallyek.

These creatures reproduce so fast, that they would quickly overwhelm the typical Fantasy kingdom, and eat everyone!

Stallyek stinks horribly, you can smell them from a mile away. Their eyes are glowing red, violet or orange.

Stallyeks mainly eat humans, as they were originally created by angry faeries, back when the first humans desecrated a faery temple by accident.
Stallyeks live in a pack structure. The alpha of the pack is recognizable by the mustache growing from its face.

They spit a sticky burning liquid very far, just like napalm, you better run if you see a Stallyek!

Well, the Stallyek are squirrely for sure, but their tails are more similar to a wolf tail, and up to four meters long.

Their claws are not curved, but straight, like scissor blades, and they emit eerie cries, threatening hisses and chilling screams in the night.
The Stallyek fur is thick and rugged, often dark brown but also sometimes gray, black and even reddish.

Stallyek can be tamed by any non human species, and kept as a pet. Humans cannot control them however, and will fall prey to their human-eating wrath.
Indeed, especially trolls and goblins are very friendly with the stallyeks! The exception are elves and dwarfs though, those get eaten too because they smell so similar to humans, but Hobbits are safe.

Stallyek gets indigestion and general sickness for several days if they eat more than one elf or dwarf the same day, so a frequent human strategy is to capture elves and dwarfs and feed them to the advancing furry scourge, so more humans have enough time to evacuate their kingdoms!

The poor elves and dwarfs have been trying to domesticate the Stallyek for several centuries so far, no luck yet.
Dwarves sometimes cover their beards in perfume to domesticate the Stallyeks.

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