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By S.T. Ockenner · Dec 15, 2020 · Updated Dec 16, 2020 · ·
  1. The Grorks are a large, three headed creature that were created by the blood of Santa Claus dripping onto the ground after he got a cut.
    Grorks have one reindeer head, one humanoid head with a beard, and one humanoid head with a pointed hat and ears. Each head has magical eyes made out of snow, allowing them to see heat instead of light- also making it impossible to blind them. The body of the Grork is a large carrot that acts as a drill. They wait underground for their favorite food, children, and drill above-ground to get to them. They have retractable limbs that are segmented and spindly, much like an insect's limbs. The Grork picks up
    children then drills back to its cave to eat them. The only thing that can tame Grorks is familial love.
    Grorks have three brains, and are thusly each three different beasts in one body. Their brains are made of ice.
    Grorks are quite rare, and only mate whenever they cross paths with another Grork- Grorks do not have sex organs and instead mate through building a snowman together, which becomes a baby Grork.
    The Grork king is named The Abominable Snowban, and was created by a dark wizard known as Ban The Parmesan Pickpocket.


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  1. Electric Bone Flute
    Cerberus snowman?
      S.T. Ockenner likes this.
    1. S.T. Ockenner
      Not quite. Read closer.
    2. Electric Bone Flute
      Cerberus carrotman/inverse-snowman.
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    3. S.T. Ockenner
      More Chimera than Cerebus, but yes.