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  1. G

    Creature Research!

    PLEASE HELP! I'm stuck on this one. I'm writing an urban fantasy legal thriller, and the main character's a lawyer who deals with "Arcane Law." She's got an appointment that has to take place at a very specific time and place because she's got a magical creature coming in as a witness and it...
  2. Cool-Beans

    Hi everyone

    Hey guys, I’m a singer-songwriter (self trained), play piano and drums and use ableton often though I’m not very well versed yet. I make a few hip hop beats and stuff just for the moment (they can be easy to create) I studied photography but never really put the effort in to it though I think...
  3. P

    Basic Question, need help!

    hello all, my name is Patrick jo, as you can see i am new on this platform, actually i've been searching for this kind of website before, to help me get an inspiration for my story. So the Idea for my writing is called Saint Michaelus, its an order created in medieval europe to terminate...
  4. A shadowy portifolio

    Valentines Day Poem

    Oh, your clean, ivory teeth ever so shiny your three beautiful heads hairy and slimy Your bright green talons ready to kill Your bright green talons oh, they give me a thrill Your translucent feet made from pure glass and of course... your STINKY BUM GAS!
  5. Bestiary

    Stallyeks (S.T. Ockenner + Sheilawisz)

    Stallyeks! These dangerous Stallyek monsters are somewhat similar to a squirrel, except that they have very large and pointy ears, very long straight horns, a protruding snout and when standing on their hind legs they are over three meters tall! The Stallyek has nightmarish claws and very sharp...
  6. S.T. Ockenner

    What fantastical creatures are in your world (s)?

    What array of creatures are in your world? Are there any unique ones, or mostly traditional? What kinds of beasts? What kinds of beings? What kinds of spirits? Are there any special quirks/differences you give your creatures? Are wizards their own species, or just anyone who can use wizardry, or...
  7. Bestiary


    Murgles are tiny blue humanoids that live underwater. They have a countless number of tiny eyes, and a seemingly tiny mouth that opens up to be gigantic Murgles only appear to people who believe in mermaids The reason that Murgles only appear to mermaid-believers is because Murgles want to...
  8. S.T. Ockenner


    This is a writing game of sorts- we'll each take turns fleshing out a monster, then I'll post it all in a portfolio when we're finished with the monster...then we can move on to the next. I'll start: (Name: Murgle) Murgles are tiny blue humanoids that live underwater. They have a countless...
  9. S.T. Ockenner

    Weird Weapon/Creature/Magic Ideas

    Here, I'll share one of mine: Wait...what if you put sulfuric acid IN a brick? Then it would be perfect for battle! Break the brick on a wall, and acid sprays down on a bunch of people! The people will just think you're throwing a brick at them, so they'll duck...then acid falls on their head...
  10. Bestiary


    The Gorafagus' esophagus is lined with sharp edges to cut its food, for it has no teeth. It has webbed feet. The webbed feet allow it to walk on water. It has feet the size of boats.. It hangs upside down when it sleeps. It has feet the size of boats. Gorafagi consume 3 tons of coffee a day, and...
  11. Bestiary


    The Grorks are a large, three headed creature that were created by the blood of Santa Claus dripping onto the ground after he got a cut. Grorks have one reindeer head, one humanoid head with a beard, and one humanoid head with a pointed hat and ears. Each head has magical eyes made out of snow...
  12. Bestiary


    A large menagerie of...menagers. MMMMMMOOOOOONNNNSSSSSSTTTEEEEEERRRRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BEASTS.
  13. S.T. Ockenner


    Behold! I doth created the Bearmowan, a horrifying creature.Bearmowan by Dark Lord Thomas Pie posted Sep 1, 2020 at 2:59 PM
  14. P.A. Trujillo

    Aquatic creatures

    I'm looking for some unique, original creatures from cultures and mythologies around the world to use in my canon of stories. And some of the most creative kinds of creatures, I think, are of the aquatic variety. Of course, my mind immediately turns to mermen (and, by extension, the similar...
  15. d20kaiju

    What Monsters Would You Like to See More in Stories?

    I’m drafting a fantasy story from the perspective of the monsters and while I’m brain storming I thought I’d reach out to my fellow fantasy writers and see what monsters interest y’all the most? Are there any particular creatures you’d like to see more in books? Anything with an old favorite...
  16. T

    Werewolf-type creature transformations - what could trigger them?

    In my current book, I've created my own version of a werewolf. They transform into decidedly different types of creatures, and I've invented my own abilities and limitations for them; so they're werewolves except that everything is changed a little, if that makes sense. The one change I can't...
  17. Orc Knight

    Man, Monster and Magical Mutation

    So, just going to throw this out here and thought alliteration (?) was a good way to get attention. Anyways, on my story world of Eld, a lot of the monster line up came about either through drow alchemy or human alchemy. Though this only is in part of this. Magic was corrupted some time in the...
  18. Orc Knight

    The Weird, Wild and Wooly of Your World

    Just a post it thread for some of the stranger things in your world. Given this is fantasy, it can be as weird as hell or just something that sticks out in particular for you. And I'll start it off with one of Eld's stranger things. Something from D&D originally (or a story at least) as Eld...
  19. Cover Art for "Deadborn"

    Cover Art for "Deadborn"

    Cover art designed for the supernatural fiction novel "Deadborn". I co-authored this book with a friend and designed the cover art. It is available through Amazon and Kindle if interested.
  20. Cetus the Sea Monster

    Cetus the Sea Monster

    In ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon sent the sea monster Cetus down to terrorize the African coast after the Queen of Ethiopia favorably compared her own beauty to that of Poseidon's sea-nymphs. After the Ethiopian King consulted an oracle for help, he was instructed to sacrifice his beautiful...