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By S.T. Ockenner · Dec 16, 2020 · Updated Dec 16, 2020 · ·
  1. The Gorafagus' esophagus is lined with sharp edges to cut its food, for it has no teeth. It has webbed feet. The webbed feet allow it to walk on water. It has feet the size of boats.. It hangs upside down when it sleeps. It has feet the size of boats. Gorafagi consume 3 tons of coffee a day, and all Gorafagi are naturally drawn to Ban. Gorafagi get their coffee from plants that they live near.
    When scared, Gorafagi begin to sing opera, in hopes to break the morale of their attackers and shatter hostile ear drums.


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  1. Electric Bone Flute
    Choking must be awful. I tried to get a fishbone out of my throat once and I had to resort to letting a very kind relative that I am very grateful for put his finger deep into my throat. It was unpleasant for all of us. Eventually the bone left on its own.
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    1. S.T. Ockenner
      Gorafagi cannot choke