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Dwarven Nuns

The nun walked further then ever before, until she had finally reached her goal. The cave. As she drew closer to the cave, her habits swaying in the breeze, she pulled out her golden blade, wreathed in flame. She tucked her beard into her armor, and screamed:
Out from the cave came a slimy beast, winged and terrible.
"Yo, leave me alone, dude!" the ravenous dragon roared.
"Ye terrible beast musteth be fell by thy holy, quintuple-y blessed blade!"
The terrible, horrible beast slammed its giant eyelid shut, then opened it up again.
"Okay. First of all, do you even know what you're saying? Also, narrator? Quit with the flowery prose!"
Nun kill dragon-
"Um, I said quit the flowery prose, not regress to baby talk!"
I don't know what you want me to do, you stupid, slimy dragon!
"Wow...that's extremely speciest!" the dragon roared.
"Yeah, let's kill the narrator instead of you!"
"Wha- I can't do anything but speak!"
"Who said that? Am I the nun? Am I the dragon? I'm so confused!"
"Dang, we shouldn't have killed that narrator."

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