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  1. S.T. Ockenner

    Your Dwarves

    My dwarves all have facial hair from birth, called their 'Birth Beard' that cannot be shaved off , since it is part of their soul given form. The rest of their beard is made of normal hair. All dwarves* have facial hair, most have long and braided beards. They're short, and tend to have small...
  2. A shadowy portifolio

    Dwarven Nuns

    The nun walked further then ever before, until she had finally reached her goal. The cave. As she drew closer to the cave, her habits swaying in the breeze, she pulled out her golden blade, wreathed in flame. She tucked her beard into her armor, and screamed: "REVENGE OF THE DWARVEN...
  3. Bestiary

    Stallyeks (S.T. Ockenner + Sheilawisz)

    Stallyeks! These dangerous Stallyek monsters are somewhat similar to a squirrel, except that they have very large and pointy ears, very long straight horns, a protruding snout and when standing on their hind legs they are over three meters tall! The Stallyek has nightmarish claws and very sharp...
  4. Toby Johnson

    What are some good side quests?

    In one of my latest books I want a list of side quests so that, if the story just gets a bit bland and boring: such as walking though a forest, I can add in something to break it up. The story is set in Medieval fantasy and my characters in the group are and elf, a dwarf, a wizard, and a human...
  5. S.T. Ockenner

    Should Wizards and Dwarves mix?

    Should wizards and dwarves mix?
  6. P.A. Trujillo

    Escaping the "Tolkien Trap"

    I love J.R.R. Tolkien. He is an incredible writer and an extremely creative world-builder. It was his writing that inspired me to turn my creative energies to fantasy writing. That said... Do you find yourself defaulting back on Tolkien's pre-established tropes and race archetypes? I know I...
  7. Gotis

    How do Dwarves tell time?

    I was thinking about how a subterranean race would note the passage of time without the skies. The idea of using music hit me a few days ago. I could imagine ancient Dwarves banging rocks together in rhythm to time out some task. "That's 50 clacks, turn those mole burgers over!" They could from...
  8. Aurei-1x


    A work in process for cover art for "Aurei of Westmark" which shows Aurei receiving a Drow short sword from the Dwarven merchant Thorm.