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  1. Jackarandajam

    Dragon egg size

    say a 100' dragon. Lizards are weird, but just knee jerk numbers: Komodo dragons get to be about 10' and have four inch eggs. (40" 100' dragon egg) Saltwater crocs get to be about 20' and have 2-3" eggs (10"-15" 100' dragon egg) Titanosaurus Blanforti got to be about 60' long and had 8"...
  2. BearBear

    Imagine if a reptilian, egg laying female dragon could hybridize with a human. What's reasonable?

    Scenario: 1. So you have a dragon. 2. You have a human man under her "spell". 3. ...something certainly uninteresting happens... 4. Now you have an egg and when it hatches a human-looking infant emerges. #4 I want this baby girl to be as human passing as possible. How? What is reasonable? -...
  3. A shadowy portifolio

    Dwarven Nuns

    The nun walked further then ever before, until she had finally reached her goal. The cave. As she drew closer to the cave, her habits swaying in the breeze, she pulled out her golden blade, wreathed in flame. She tucked her beard into her armor, and screamed: "REVENGE OF THE DWARVEN...
  4. Jayne Roberts

    New Sequel to Dragon Fantasy Series Coming Soon! Plus Giveaway!

    Hello all! I wanted to tell you about this fantasy series I got involved with a couple of years ago, called Augee: Guardian of Hohala. If you love dragons, fantasy, and were a fan of Christopher Paolini's Eragon series, this is the perfect next read for you. The reason I'm bringing it up now is...
  5. S.T. Ockenner

    Dragons in your world?

    What are dragons like in your world? What do they look like? What is their society like? What are their powers? Are they magical, or are they just animals? Can they take other forms? How/why? Are they intelligent? How many are there? etc. There have been many interpretations of dragons, all...
  6. d20kaiju

    “Dragon Magic” —what comes to mind?

    When you read the phrase “dragon magic” what comes to mind? I’m working on a piece that deliberately caters to old tropes of fantasy and trying to work within the old expectations to create something that feels fresh by the characters that live within the world and the magic they use. I’ve got...
  7. bob1thousand

    Is Aurdent (latin words for gold & tooth) a good name for a dragon?

    Is Aurdent (latin words for gold & tooth) a good name for a dragon?
  8. bob1thousand

    Want opinions on my monsters and I need idea for a misery based monster.

    In my story, the gods once became angry against the sentient races, so they each created a monster to plague humanity. After calming down and seeing all the chaos, the gods cursed their monsters with a weakness so they don’t destroy everyone. Siren Created by the love goddess They have...
  9. rktho

    Sufficiently dragonlike motivations

    I'm writing a story about dragons who live in cities and villages. The problem is, these dragons come off as very human. I need to make their motivations and personalities more dragonlike. (Note: my dragons are bipedal, much like humans, and have five fingers, but the physical resemblance ends...
  10. LLPD Dragon exterminator

    LLPD Dragon exterminator

    Sometimes the police have to deal with dragon's nesting in the city, and not the ones native to the Dominion, no. Sometimes they have to deal with illegal exotic pet dragon's that people bring in from other countries.