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New Sequel to Dragon Fantasy Series Coming Soon! Plus Giveaway!

Hello all!

I wanted to tell you about this fantasy series I got involved with a couple of years ago, called Augee: Guardian of Hohala. If you love dragons, fantasy, and were a fan of Christopher Paolini's Eragon series, this is the perfect next read for you. The reason I'm bringing it up now is because the sequel is coming out soon and the authors have asked me to let everyone know that readers who send in photos of their Amazon reviews (the e-book is only $4 now!) will be entered to win a free signed copy of the second book as well as a bonus mystery prize that any fantasy lover would be excited to get. You can send your photos in by social media or even by replying to this post.

"Augee" is an epic fantasy series with a high stakes conflict that had me captured from beginning to end. Help support these debut novelists (one of which has been working on this project for 40 years!) and get a good read out of it.

Here's the link for the book: Augee: Guardian of Hohala

Instagram/ Twitter: @TheAugeeSeries