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Want opinions on my monsters and I need idea for a misery based monster.

Discussion in 'World Building' started by bob1thousand, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Scribe

    In my story, the gods once became angry against the sentient races, so they each created a monster to plague humanity. After calming down and seeing all the chaos, the gods cursed their monsters with a weakness so they don’t destroy everyone.


    Created by the love goddess

    They have human intelligence and a craving for flesh. They create illusions to seduce people using their voice (effectiveness is dependent on the person.) They originally had wings to fly, allowing them to hunt humans down but were turned fishlike and cursed to be unable to leave the ocean/shore.


    Created by the moon goddess

    They can transform at any time but their power varies according to the phases of the moon, full moon being strongest and new moon/daytime being weakest. They have higher senses, strength, endurance, ageless, slow regeneration and are able to see in the dark. They were cursed to be weak to silver (can’t regenerate from silver wounds) and wolfsbane (lose power around it).

    They can be from any race and most just blend in with society, often having families or being an active member of the community. They worship the Moon goddess and have an intense hatred of vampires who are against the moon (long story but basically, there are creatures known as shadows that are created from the void and want to destroy the world. The purpose of the sky, sun and moon is to stop them from invading. Some shadows manage to seep into the world and infect people, turning them into vampires. This is why the sun kills them and werewolves see them as enemies)


    Created by the water god

    A race of giant squids. They generally come in three sizes, 40-50ft small, 100-230ft medium and 400ft large, but the longest ever discovered was over 3500ft. It was this very monster that was what brought the merfolk and humans into an alliance. Humans brought thousands of ships to attack it on the surface while the mermen attacked it from below. Thousands on both sides died, but the beast was ultimately killed. Unlike the other gods, the water god refused to curse them, allowing the beasts to continue to bring unchecked chaos and misery.


    Created by the underworld god

    A large lizard monster. With every head cut off, two more take its place. It’s bite it powerful enough to break stone and cut a fully armored knight in half. It was cursed to be weak to fire, causing it to become fearful of flames. People warded them off using torches and eventually ran them away into the desert and wasteland. They are one of the rarest of the monsters to find.


    Created by the nature goddess.

    (to be finished)


    Created by the sun goddess

    A large bird made of fire. Everytime it dies, it explodes and is reborn again with little memories of it’s previous life. Instead of a curse, it was rendered non hostile. They are mostly found at the peaks of mountains and are the rarest of the monsters.


    Created by the cold goddess

    They are created when either someone gives into temptation by committing cannibalism or you are merely around one for too long. Those afflicted become filled with gluttony, greed and hunger. The more they eat, the greater their hunger becomes and they start to transform. First they become corpse-like, their skin becoming grey and tight and their hair falls out. They get a long blue tongue, sharp claws, yellow saber tooth like fangs, red glowing eyes and breath that smells like death. Then when they become older and more powerful, they become an elder. Elders are as tall as trees, have elongated limbs, ice tipped claws and the skull of a deer. Their body looks like a skeleton wearing stretched out skin and often times their organs are sticking out with exposed ribs. As their transformation worsens, they lose themself more and more until the original man is lost to the hunger.

    The source of their power is their frozen heart. They are not dead until the heart is burned in a fire or stabbed with silver to destroy it. Any other damage done will be quickly healed and it will gain an obsession with it’s attacker. They are followed by a constant blizzard and have the power to turn invisible (except for their glowing red eyes), flight, heightened senses(able to follow someone forever after getting their smell, able to detect someone’s exact movements from miles away and know every inch of its domain, it is believed to be impossible to hide from a wendigo) sense someone’s fear and heartbeat, mimic voices, control weather, limited mind control/influence people, incredible speed (moving so fast they appear to blink around), super strength, become more powerful and bigger with age/each person eaten (they grow in size in proportion to the person it ate) and elders gain excess to Wendigo fever (it start with a strange smell only the infected person can notice, they have intense nightmares, hallucinate and it ends when they start feeling a burning sensation in their legs which causes them to take off their clothes and run shrieking into the cold, never to be seen again.)

    It enjoys taking its time before a kill, the terror of their victims being the only joy a wendigo can feel. It will stalk its prey for hours, revealing itself in small to inflict fear on them. The prey will feel a growing sense of dread and get the feeling that they are being watched or followed. When it’s finally had its fill, it will let out a blood curdling howl as a final warning. By the time the prey hears it, it is already too late for them. The mere sight of a wendigo causes most people to freeze in terror. They often unlock a home from the outside and slaughter everyone inside. The wendigo usually proceeds to convert the home into its lair. It is unknown what the curse inflicted on them was, but it may be involved with the fact that they only appear in cold places and are scared of fire.


    Created by the fire god

    They are large man eating creatures made of rock and magma. They reside in volcanos, range in size from 10-50ft tall and come in various shapes, some human-like and others very not. They were cursed to be weak to water and ice. When dead, their rocks are cooled and resemble normal stone. These rocks are filled with magic and are often used by wizards for various reasons. There are groups of people that make a living off killing and selling these creatures.


    Created by the sky god

    They are 20-40 feet tall and have 4 legs and 2 wings or 2 legs and 2 wings (called wyverns but are still a dragon. They are faster but physically weaker) They have tough scales that are unable to be pierced by most swords and arrows. Siege weaponry, magic or legendary weapons are required to battle them. They have human intelligence, don’t need to eat, spend most of their day asleep and are ageless. They have incredible eyesight, able to see miles away and in the dark and sense of smell. They never forget someone’s smell and can track someone for miles. They have different elemental breaths including fire, ice, wind, lightning, and gas and some dragons could have multiple. Other powers include access to the same types of magic as humans (though they have to learn it themself. A common magic they learn is to transform into a human) and a powerful roar that can shatter glass. The sound of it can make most people run in fear even if they’re miles away.

    The sky god cursed them with obsession. They are compelled to collect and hoard the same way animals are compelled to eat, sleep and breed. The most common obsession is gold but it can be anything. The greatest library in the known world, The Hoard of knowledge, is owned by a wind dragon simply known as The Librarian. He is obsessed with collecting books and guards the library with his life. He spends his day laying in the center of the library and allows humans to come and go as they please, as long as they do not take or destroy anything. Different races use this place to preserve their history, famous stories and official documents, which he gladly accepts. While rare, a dragon’s obsession is not set in stone and can change over time.

    In my story, the main characters are told of a dragon in the area stealing livestock and come across his cave. There, they find a massive hoard of gold but also find a little girl living there, complete with bed, bath and furniture. They take her away and head back to their castle. Within the day, they get reports of a dragon attacking outposts around the kingdom. Knowing he will eventually come, they prepare for battle. He arrives and they eventually manage to pin the beast down in chains, but the little girl gets between them. The dragon says that she was given to him by a dying knight as an infant and “she’s more valuable to me than any piece of gold or precious gem within my hoard.” They let him go and the two become main characters in the story. While not outright stated, it’s heavily implied that she has become his new obsession.

    Finally, I’m trying to think of a monster for the Misery goddess.

    Any ideas?
  2. J.P. Ahart

    J.P. Ahart New Member

    I really like the idea of curses that balance out each monster's ability. I think an interesting idea with this could be that certain monsters have an unknown weakness which has yet to be discovered.

    For the misery monster, I thought of the curse of the Wailing Woman from Mexican folklore. She is a banshee-like entity often found around bodies of water, such as lakes or rivers. The first thing you hear in the dark is the sobbing of a woman. It's exact location cannot be determined, but she uses a way to subconsciously pull you towards the body of water.

    As you follow the sounds, her cries become louder and louder. Victims are usually thrown into a panic in order to find whoever it is that might be in need of help. Those who run from the call end up in the same fate. Once they reach the body of water, the cries stop for a moment. All sounds except for the water are muted. Finally the Wailing Woman, wielding a bloody knife, stabs her victim repeatedly, then finishes them off by throwing them into the river as she watches them finally drown.

    In the original story of La Llorona, she was a woman who had drowned her children in hopes to put an end to their suffering, only to regret her actions once the deed had been finished. Her curse could be that if one knew the names of their children, they could send her into a fit of crying long enough that they could escape.

    It seems a little similar to the idea of a siren, but I think with a few key differences this could work as a monster. If you also wanted the idea of monsters to be that there are usually multiple of them, then this could also work as instead a curse that is bestowed upon people who experience traumas which create great sadness, each one having their own backstory to accompany why they received the curse in the first place.
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  3. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Scribe

    Thank you. balance is actually a big part of/theme of my mythology. each main god has an exact opposite that was automatically created at the same time or immediately after they were, like when the sun gave birth to the god of heat, the goddess of cold was automatically created at the farthest point in the universe away from him.

    also, nice ideas for monsters. i'll check them out later.

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