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  1. P

    Hello! New here

    Hello everyone. I'm Phori Stone. I write fantasy. Right now I am not published but I hope to have my current WIP published by the end of this or beginning of next year. My personal spiritual beliefs are Pagan, so my characters are always a bit witchy or furry. 😜 I hope to get to know...
  2. Carl Brothers

    Creating Fantasy Characters

    What approach do you favor more, using existing characters like 'werewolves' etc, or creating your own characters? Do you find yourselves liking a book that shows deep knowledge of it's genre by using characters in folklore and all, or do you appreciate originality more?
  3. C

    Triggering my werewolves

    So I'm writing a werewolf story surrounding an American family in Nevada (or somewhere else mountainous) who happen to all be werewolves. I'm good with the pack structure and I'm pretty clear on my plot, but I need something to center an impending change around. I'm stuck between "the change...
  4. bob1thousand

    Want opinions on my monsters and I need idea for a misery based monster.

    In my story, the gods once became angry against the sentient races, so they each created a monster to plague humanity. After calming down and seeing all the chaos, the gods cursed their monsters with a weakness so they don’t destroy everyone. Siren Created by the love goddess They have...
  5. T

    Werewolf-type creature transformations - what could trigger them?

    In my current book, I've created my own version of a werewolf. They transform into decidedly different types of creatures, and I've invented my own abilities and limitations for them; so they're werewolves except that everything is changed a little, if that makes sense. The one change I can't...
  6. writeshiek33

    Cub : Tragedy

    The cops searched the house as it poured outside. The wife was in the kitchen and husband in tv room. The officer in the kitchen stared looked turned away from the cold blank eyes facing upwards. He nearly puked up but thankfully it was only dry heave. The kid had to be here somewhere, the...