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Triggering my werewolves

How should my family of "born" werewolves react under stress to the full moon?

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So I'm writing a werewolf story surrounding an American family in Nevada (or somewhere else mountainous) who happen to all be werewolves. I'm good with the pack structure and I'm pretty clear on my plot, but I need something to center an impending change around. I'm stuck between "the change being hard to resist in the nights before full moon" and "they are capable of resisting the full moon, but it's harder under stress or with less practice". It'll probably never be explicitly stated in the story that they're born instead of bitten, but I want this semi-resistible trigger to revolve around that established mythology because the first transformation seen by the reader is the catalyst for the action.

About my wolves:
- they're a family of 5; mom (34), dad (35), kid 1 (16), kid 2 (12), kid 3 (5)
- they live on an orchard just west of the foot of the mountains (not sure which yet), which is where they run
- the youngest of our pack is challenged to keep her human form at the worst possible time

Please and thank you!!