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  1. knoksen

    Greetings, fellow denizens of the Mythic Scribes,

    I am known as knoksen, a wanderer from the shadowy confluence where the rigorous disciplines of technical and architectural academia blend with the spectral mists of computing and digital phantasms. My path is one of eternal inquiry, driven by an insatiable desire to unearth secrets as vast and...
  2. J

    Does anyone know all the weaknesses of Lycanthropes

    The most i can find is silver in different forms and wolfsbane (Aconitum)
  3. J

    Does anyone know lesser known shape changers or people that have the powers of animals

    Im looking for things like Therianthropy (people who can shift into an animal form), man-weres (animals that can shift into a human form), and just other shape changers because im trying to write my own bestiary but i dont want to just use all the well known ones. If you know any Shape changers...
  4. SkaldAndRaven

    Underrated and Inspiring Folklore and Mythologies

    As is obvious, a great deal of modern fantasy takes heavy inspiration from mythologies and stories from around the world. Nearly all of us know the big ones like Norse, Celtic, Greek, and Egyptian mythologies. These hardly scratch the surface though. There are so many different faiths, stories...
  5. E

    La Patasola

    Hi there! I'm in the middle of writing a novel and through my research, came across the name "La Patasola" as a vampiric derivative from Tolima, Colombia. From what I've been able to find out, she lures men away into the jungle in the guise of a beautiful woman. Once they are lost, she...
  6. Azaraiha

    Elven Creation Myth

    Auriel and Virtheon Before the creation of the world of Astalias, there was the Void. The Void was a realm of nothingness. Despite this, the Void was home to twin Spirits: Virtheon, and his sister, Auriel. As the eons passed, both brother and sister felt a emptiness in their hearts. Virtheon...
  7. Thor


    A depiction of the Norse god of thunder. He is wearing armor and wielding Mjölnir.
  8. J

    Is there any mythical animal that symbolizes riches wealth?

    I am creating a giant fantasy Universe with my own Gods and creatures. One of the Gods is the Goblin king, the god of wealth. All of my gods, have symbols. I am having a hard time finding a animal symbol for my wealth God. do you any of you know any magical or mythical or fantasy animals that...
  9. Onemaus

    Lore or Story first?

    Over the past year I've worked on a few short stories (more like concepts) that have been part of the same world, unbeknownst to me at the time. I know find myself crafting a "new" world with it's own mythology, history, and all. I recently drafter a bit of the Creation story and found myself...
  10. Onemaus

    Focusing on Prose after years of Poetry

    Hello to you all, This is my first time in a writers community. It's great to find so much of what I need online. To elaborate on the thread title: I have written poetry for about 15 years now, never published but I never let that discourage me. I have had a theme of writing about gods...
  11. C

    Triggering my werewolves

    So I'm writing a werewolf story surrounding an American family in Nevada (or somewhere else mountainous) who happen to all be werewolves. I'm good with the pack structure and I'm pretty clear on my plot, but I need something to center an impending change around. I'm stuck between "the change...
  12. P.A. Trujillo

    Aquatic creatures

    I'm looking for some unique, original creatures from cultures and mythologies around the world to use in my canon of stories. And some of the most creative kinds of creatures, I think, are of the aquatic variety. Of course, my mind immediately turns to mermen (and, by extension, the similar...
  13. Runa Phaino

    Invitation to Mythology and Psychology

    Hi everybody! I just wanted to invite you to a group, my group, - Facebook. I hope this is allowed, if not, please delete. I am Runa Phaino from Berlin. Germany, and I a a studied Mythologist and Psychologist (mas o ménos) ... so ... I am starting to write my own "life-story" - Story of...
  14. K


    So I’m working on a story haven’t written anything besides brainstorming the characters, types of creatures, etc. mostly been researching demons as that will be the monsters in the story. What type of demons are there? Can I make up my own? I found a couple of mythology demons that would fit my...
  15. Fenrir, Gleipnir, and Mjolnir

    Fenrir, Gleipnir, and Mjolnir

    I was doodling after feeling inspired by some Norse Mythology I had been reading up on, and I have a tattoo appointment coming up in the near future. And yes, I know Mjolnir has nothing to do with the binding of Fenrir, but I saw that it had an opportunity to add a little something else, so...
  16. Mythic Guide to Characters

    Mythic Guide to Characters

    Here's the cover for the upcoming Mythic Guide to Characters.
  17. Bride of Perseus Cover V2

    Bride of Perseus Cover V2

    Another experimental cover for Bride of Perseus. This time I drew and colored the background myself and chose a bolder, more African-looking font. I like this more than the last cover.
  18. St. George and the Dragon

    St. George and the Dragon

    My interpretation of St. George's confrontation with a dragon. Although St. George went on to become the patron saint of England, in the original myth he was a Roman soldier instead of the commonly depicted medieval knight. Furthermore, the tale was set in "Libya", which is what the...
  19. Perseus and Andromeda

    Perseus and Andromeda

    This is the third time I've drawn Andromeda, the mythical Ethiopian princess who married the Greek demigod Perseus, but this time I've paired her with her hubby. As you might have guessed from his short hair, Perseus's look was drawn from Sam Worthington's portrayal of his character in the...
  20. Andromeda's Portrait

    Andromeda's Portrait

    A facial portrait of Andromeda, a mythical Ethiopian princess who married the Greek demigod Perseus after he rescued her from a sea monster. It's been a long time since I last did a drawing with the shading and skin tone rendering all done by pencil; most of the time I pencil in only the line...