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The Child God

"We will walk into the horizon every day and every night, we will seek injustice and take down those who impart it, so are the orders of the Son of the Wind"

Youngest of all of the four brothers, Otto arrived to a world were pretty much everything was taken, and so, he tried to learn from his own brothers.

From Iverno he learned many things, the landmarks of the world, how to create magic, and how to build, but, Otto kept the first two, as he seemed the third thing as "impressive, but too complicated".

From her sister Prima, he learned to create sentient races, to take care of animals, and to make plants grow with his will, yet, the young god stayed with the first two, as he saw the plants as "beautiful, but boring"

And from Vera he learned how freedom worked, how to sail the seas, and how to persuade to get what he wanted, he kept the two first lessons, but forgot the third one, as he saw it as "smart, but uncanny"

When he ended his lessons, he started crafting. He first created one magic, but seeing it would be too powerful for a mortal to even comprehend, he cutted it in three, Clairvoyance, Cronomancy, and Biomancy, and linked them to a gift given by him. Then he created the arts of the air, for his devoted to use if they learned enough. And lastly he teached the nomads how to tame beasts, learning druid-like arts to make a bond between them and let them fee to roam Nimbia. As a last thing he did, he created the different nomad groups, warriors that act like rangers, erudites of the arts of time, simple travelling merchants, and other groups of riders and monks.

He is often described like a 15 year old child, with tan skin, red and orange hair, with yellow eyes, he wears various clothes with brown and yellow patterns, and he always has a squirrel following him.

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