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  1. B

    Closet Nerd in need of help

    Lurker here, I'm what some might consider a "closet nerd" I'm in the military and lift everyday so my friend group usually consists of people that do that but sometimes I crave for people with similar interests (WoW, lord of the rings, starwars, anime, legos and stuff) to approach me but to be...
  2. CrazyWolf1996

    So I'm Writing a Series

    I've been working on this for a long time. Like a decade. I've been trying to develop the idea more, and feedback is always appreciated. So to keep things brief, here is the basic idea of what it is: In a post-apocalyptic, post-human world, wolves are now top of the food chain. They have made...
  3. D

    In a world where fantasy creatures live among us in coexistence, like Netflix's Bright movie, what would count as "Fantasy"?

    I have been thinking about this concept for a bit and can't seem to get a grasp on it. I hope some of you might be able to share your thoughts on this kind of topic :) Thanks !
  4. Adiam Gaunt

    Gods as head of state. (1/?)

    Salves comes, this is my first post and I'm sure only the beginning. I am currently in the midst of worldbuilding a setting that I intend to use in my future creative projects, based around one idea: What if the Gods of a setting, instead of being shunted off into their own little planes of...
  5. Nimbia: Nomads of Otto

    The Child God

    "We will walk into the horizon every day and every night, we will seek injustice and take down those who impart it, so are the orders of the Son of the Wind" Youngest of all of the four brothers, Otto arrived to a world were pretty much everything was taken, and so, he tried to learn from his...
  6. Nimbia: Nomads of Otto

    Nimbia: Nomads of Otto

    Here walks the young king Otto and his caravans of wanderers, bending time and seeing prophecies, while riding beasts and the wind itself, they travel long and wide through all Nimbia, through the forests, to the frozen lands, even the plains and deserts of the barren lands of the south, here...
  7. Nimbia: The druids of Prima

    The godess of Spring

    "I shall see my forest reborn rather than consumed by these vile plague that has corrupted my sons" _Prima, The Mother of all Prima was the second of all five entities to reach Nimbia, she is represented as a young woman, who has green hair and long pointy ears, with pale skin and yellow eyes...
  8. A

    A World with a Planetary Ring

    So, I'm writing a story about a world that once had three moons, but one was destroyed as a result of a battle between an alliance of the realm's races and a dracolich made out of thousands of corpses (makes more sense in context, honestly). I was planning on the event causing a nuclear winter...
  9. Dapqu

    Creating a world for new video game development, need advice.

    First and formal, How you guys doing, I am a new member of this amazing site. I am a college student that is working on a video game with a small team, we are building a world for our new game. the presentation of this world in the game will be something like Dark Souls (telling the story, the...
  10. Beauregard Aegis

    Zombies: Why they can be expanded upon and lore added.

    I am a big lore buff on a few video games, so I guess I am writing this I am in a strong disposition that zombies can be not very creative if you just use the simple Day Of The Dead or Walking Dead (Wow all the unimaginative zombie media just have got have "Dead" in the title) template and go...
  11. Loremongre

    The lore of Sal'taron

    I'm going to open this page for discussing about the lore of the mixed-fantasy world I'm creating and expanding. To start, here's the (really shortened) timeline.
  12. O

    Looking for worldbuilding partners

    Hello ^^ Me and my roommate have been working on a fantasy world on Discord that we would like to use for roleplaying. We are in search for new worldbuilding partners that would like to help us make the world more detailed and interesting. We are looking for both temporary partners and...