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Looking for worldbuilding partners

Discussion in 'Writing Groups' started by OPumpkinO, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. OPumpkinO

    OPumpkinO New Member

    Hello ^^

    Me and my roommate have been working on a fantasy world on Discord that we would like to use for roleplaying. We are in search for new worldbuilding partners that would like to help us make the world more detailed and interesting. We are looking for both temporary partners and permanent partners that would stay with us even after the roleplaying starts. Worldbuilders are not necessary to roleplay, although that is welcomed as well.

    So far, we've made a map with locations with little description, races and classes, a short history and a basic timeline. Recently, we got stuck with many things as we are looking for some inspiration. We would need a more detailed lore and history, quests, both side and main, characters, culture, tradition, location description, etc. Any creative ideas are welcomed.

    The world is set in a fantasy medieval era with no sci-fi or modern technology.

    If someone is interested, they can message me here or find me on discord where the worldbuilding would be done. My username is Pumpkin#3290
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  2. RKM

    RKM Acolyte

    I may be keen to get involved! It sounds like fun and would be cool to see how my own ideas get used by others a roleplay setting :)
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  3. Silvahkir

    Silvahkir Dreamer

    This is the kind of thing I have been looking for. I would at least like to have a conversation about what you have so far and I would like to hear the things about the world that are important to you. I think the conversation would be helpful even if it just happened once, but if I see a way I could contribute more in the future.
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