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  1. M

    Lost in Freyda

    Purpose Worldbuild a d&d campaign booklet. Design Worldbuilding in d&d generally creates a setting but leaves the adventure an open sandbox. Lost in Freyda campaign is being built to provide a "choose your own adventure" approach giving players multiple choices (more writers will result in...
  2. A shadowy portifolio

    Character Descriptions in the Q&A series

    Zoki: She's a small, grey shorthair cat with a long tail. Captain Flo, of the Coral Fleet: He is a towering steel wall of an orc, with a golden eyepatch over his left eye. The eyepatch has a red marble inside of it, which glows an unearthly light. His tusks are both broken, encased in bronze...
  3. S.T. Ockenner

    Doth anyone wisheth to start a new roleplay in the mythic roleplaying sectioneth?

    There art many dead threads in thy Mythic Worlds, and yet I do believe that some doth wish to restart it? (Please excuse my modern slang, I've been hibernating since thy dinosaur timeth. I may be demolishing thy language a bit-th )
  4. Danskin

    Launch of Shadow Kingdoms: The Knights of Dawn

    Hi all, the first book of my new series is now out! The series is called Shadow Kingdoms, and the book is titled 'The Knights of Dawn'. This is a LitRPG fantasy novel. If you're not already familiar with LitRPG ("literature – role playing game" novels) then you should know that books in this...
  5. O

    Looking for worldbuilding partners

    Hello ^^ Me and my roommate have been working on a fantasy world on Discord that we would like to use for roleplaying. We are in search for new worldbuilding partners that would like to help us make the world more detailed and interesting. We are looking for both temporary partners and...
  6. D

    Mermaid Story

    Hi all. I'm fairly new here, and am looking for a place to receive some feedback about my stories. The current story I'm working on is about a new girl, Ambra, who moves to town, who is actually a mermaid, or siren to be exact. The girls are naturally jealous of her because she is so...