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Looking for online writing groups

My current workshop is ending in a few weeks, and the rest being offered are all asynchronous so I want to find a new one. Trying to find one where we are prompted to write something new every week and get feedback on it.


Myth Weaver
Sounds a bit like the Top Scribe challenge I used to run here, and its predecessor, Iron Pen.

Basically, participants were given four prompts - usually a person, a place, an object, and a situation, which they were to include in a short story with a 5000 word limit (which often got exceeded by a lot). They were judged on a point system that included use of prompts, grammar/readability, and entertainment. Usual timeline was a few weeks.

I might have to bring that back someday, now that some of the novels are out in the world...
I also like the idea of quick prompts, but would prefer a much smaller word count, like flash fiction or maybe 2000 words. That kind of restriction can also promote creative thinking and get the brain working. Also fun to compare how different writers interpret the same prompt.
You can also find online writing sprints (on Youtube for instance). It's basically someone hosting a live-stream for something like 2 hours, and people just show up to write. There's usually a bit of banter at the start and end. And you can complain in chat if you're stuck or celebrate if you achieved something. You do have to bring your own prompts usually. But they can be a nice way of having some peer pressure and external motivation to write.

It also lets you discover that many writers across genres and ways of writing often run into the same kinds of issues.


Myth Weaver
Ive seen those youtube sprints but never thought to do one. Maybe i should just to see what happens.
They're just another way to add accountability and a bit of social interaction to an otherwise solitary endevour. They can be fun if you find a nice group of people.