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Looking for an online writing group?


Hello all,

About a year ago I created an online writing group for fantasy/scifi writers. After losing a few members we decided to expand our group.

We are looking for 2 maybe 3 new members.

A little about the group:
Four of us write fantasy and one is working on a YA scifi novel.
We have the option to post weekly or biweekly depending on our schedule.
Each person has one week to critique the others work.
We are rather flexible with deadlines, but we push each other to continue writing. (So no one is allowed to disappear for too long!)
We are looking for people who can commit to the group, are serious about bettering their writing, and can help others improve their writing.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please respond here or PM me for more details!



Hello all. I just wanted to let everyone know we have added some more members to our group and are no longer accepting people at this time. Thanks for your interest and I will update here if a spot opens up again. Or feel free to PM and I will let you know if/when we are adding members again.