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Looking for New Members: Fantasy Writing Group/Mastermind


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Hi and thanks for checking out this post. I am starting up a brand new writing group and looking for a few members to join. The goal of the group is to support and give feedback to each other. I generally like to run a mastermind format, where one person each week is on the hot seat. They give the group something they would like help with and then everyone gives feedback and ideas. Then the next week the next person is on the hot seat and so on.

I have run similar groups like this in the past with great success. I am a publisher with over 100 books published but I am now moving on to writing 100% of my own content. I am looking for people who are currently committed to and acting upon writing a novel of some sort, ideally in the fantasy genre. I would definitely like at least one woman in the group to even things out.

We will be meeting once a week on Skype or Zoom or Google hangout. Ideally the time will be earlier in the day when people are fresh, 3pm EST or earlier. This will be a small group and the spots will fill up fast, so message me soon if interested. I look forward to hearing from you.


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I would be interested in something like this. Have you gotten it off the ground yet?