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My Fantasy Writing Group Is Looking for a 4th Member!


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Hello fellow fantasy enthusiasts!

Are you passionate about fantasy writing? Do you have a story brewing in the realms of your imagination? If so, boooooy, do I have an exciting opportunity for you!
We are a close-knit group of three fantasy writers from from Denmark (M30), England (M23), and Finland (F29). Since forming our group in early 2023, we've been sharing our passion for fantasy literature, exchanging ideas, and providing constructive feedback to each other. We're now looking to for a 4th member, and it could be you!

Here's a bit about us:
We strive to motivate each other to be better and develop our skills as writers. This group has helped all of us improve a lot as writers, and in the process, we’ve become really close friends. I really hope that we can do the same for you! Each of us is working on our own unique fantasy project, and we have a mix of strengths and experience when it comes to writing. Our writing styles are very different from one another, and we compliment each other in this regard. We value respect and a laid-back tone, and we’re pretty chill and fun if I do say so myself.

What we’re looking for:

A fellow aspiring fantasy writer – your heart needs to be in this! Ideally you’re beyond the point of being a novice, but by no means do you need to be an expert. As long as you have a good grasp of storytelling and writing, sentence structure, grammar etc. and a passion for your writing and you fantasy world, you’re good! If you’re a creative individual who's enthusiastic about collaborating and growing with us, then you should apply! No requirements as far as gender or age – everyone’s welcome!

Our Meetings:

We meet virtually once every 1-2 weeks on Discord (we have our own server where we upload, share fiction recommendations and other stuff), and our sessions vary from thematic discussions, brainstorming, and review of our work. The sessions range from 2-4 hours.

How to Apply:

If you're interested and willing to commit yourself, please send me a brief introduction about yourself, your writing experience, and a sample of your fantasy writing. We are excited to read your story and to welcome you as the newest member of our circle! Please feel free to add me on Discord, as I’ll be checking that more than this forum.
My Discord is: a.g.paz


Hi. Wow what a commitment. The challenge of it alone is intriguing (2-4 hour thematic/other discussions wonderful!). Well my name is sehsphare for now --although if the admins approve it will be charcuterie. I've been looking for a dedicated writing group for some time. I find a lot of the platforms are a little scattered! Mythic is one of few places with a dedicated chat, and there's a lot of fluff in some discords slated as "for writing". For trolling... Anyway before I start slamming my lack of liking for spam, I took am a fantasy author. I am finding my style might lend itself to other genres though. I am not a beginner. That being said I'm also not published. But I want to take writing seriously and have a lot of ideas permeating. I have an older.portfolio entry on Mythic so you can read that if you like. So there's the briefing. I'll look for you on Discord if you don't mind. But again, I have a portfolio entry here in the Portfolio area.