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Fantasy Writing/Reading Group - London


Hi All,

I've been toying with this idea for a while now and I think it's time to suggest this to the wider forum.

I'm looking for start a fantasy discussion group based in London, with the aim to meet maybe once a month to discuss our own fantasy writing.

Each meet we would look to discuss each others work that we're each cultivating at the moment. We can provide critiques, discussion or even help each other brainstorm ideas. It will be solely to help each person who attends help them with their work. Before each meeting you can email each member a chapter of a book you're working on, or even an outline/timeline of a book.

If you aren't ready to perhaps share, I was thinking of also introducing a book which we could read along side these meetings which we could also discuss (optional).

If I get a few people who are interested we can start to arrange places to meet but it would likely be central so either the City or Soho on the Lizzy line.

Reply to this thread if you're interested and you travel to London for work/leisure once a month. Or live here of course! We can meet perviously via teams for the interest of safety and have a quick discussion of what we would be looking to gain from the said meetings.

Hopefully this interests you!

London, England, I assume?

Sounds interesting, but I would definitely have to wait until the railways were on an even keel (studies mixed metaphore, and decides not to modify). I've had meetings in London with chrons, but since Covid, no conventions, no meet ups.

Idea. My sister, who is a poet, used to have regular poetry readings, pre-covid (it changed everything) and is now organising Zoom meetings. It's working quite well.

I might not fit in. The fact that I'm essentially asocial shouldn't worry authors, that I'm essentially SF rather than fantasy is tolerable - these days I'm getting to 50,000 words of book three of my dragon trilogy - but age and general decrepitude might )complicate matters.

The last time I did anything remotely like this was in Geneva, in French, and the local chapitre is quite graphic novels (which I am not. My eight year grandnephew has given up on picture books, concentrating on text) and definitively Francophone, which I can handle but not effectively critique.

Still, interesting concept - the last time I interacted with SFF people was the Irish extravagenza. 2019, Dublin and Belfast, and am lacking stimulus.

Chrispy, West Sussex, almost on sea, with a bit more global warming.


London, England indeed!

But if I'm being honest I'm personally not looking for zoom meetings. My mind works better when I can interact with like minded people and it helps my creativity flourish. Over webcam that interaction can get lost and can almost feel too formal.

Let me know if you're looking to travel down!


Also that goes for anyone else. Post here now if you live nearby, we can discuss any works you're doing and how a group might help you!


Hero Breaker
Use the Meetup app to organize a writing/book club. It has a larger audience. I've had success with it in South Florida.