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Looking for co-author for futuristic sci-fi story


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I am a software developer living in Germany. This is my first time attempting to write a sci-fi story. I'm looking for a mentor or a co-author to bounce off ideas together. My motivation is to evaluate whether writing could become a viable hobby, and help me be more imaginative. I am aiming for just a short story to start with.

If anyone is interested please feel free to message me here or on discord (fadiak#9496).


Myth Weaver
I appreciate the offer, but if what you are looking for is a proving ground, you already have that, and dont need a partner. Specially not for a short story. Just start writing and put it up.

A. E. Lowan

Forum Mom
I write with two partners and have for many years, now. Collaboration can be great fun, but it can also be a pain in the butt. It all depends on the writers involved. I also agree with pmmg: you don't need a partner to write a short story. You do need to read widely and read deep into your genre, which in your case here is SciFi. If you aren't experienced as a writer, then write. The only way to learn this craft is by doing. Write your heart out, and read books on writing that appeal to you. Learn your craft. Join communities like ours on Scribes or on other social media. I'm in a great group of writers on Facebook called the SciFi Roundtable, who are supportive and positive. Participate in the communities you join. Make friends. That's how you find mentors and co-authors.

Welcome to writing. Have fun and good luck!