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  1. Krizzirk

    Hi, friends! I noticed that...

    I noticed that a lot of authors like to write their books in trilogy. Why is it so?
  2. Architect_of_Elyium

    Calling All World Builders! - Tales of Elysium Collaborative Project

    Calling all creative writers, world builders, artists, storytellers, and creative individuals! Tales of Elysium is a collaborative project to build an in depth, lore rich fantasy world where incredible stories will take place. We are looking for anyone with talent in any of the above areas who...
  3. unholyGhostwriter

    Too many ideas,too few braincells

    I'm finally getting out of what's probably the worst writer's block I've ever had: haven't written more than two paragraphs at a time for the past ten months, and most of them end up getting deleted anyway. Writing again has been great, but I've also had to deal with a problem I've been avoiding...
  4. Eduardo Ficaria

    Article about AI as a tool for writing fiction

    In The Verge they've published recently a long article about an AI-based fiction writing tool. The Great Fiction of AI. The strange world of high-speed semi-automated genre fiction. It's an interesting piece, where they talk about why some authors may require the use of such software, or the...
  5. WritesWithUnicorns

    Faster More Accurate Writing With Text Expansion Software

    I created a plethora of clever names and references for my story. Didn't invent a new language, but I did give people, places, things, deities and events non-english names. Not so clever as I thought. I can't always remember how to spell said names correctly. Though I can usually remember the...
  6. Toby Johnson

    How to find Your Writer's Voice.

    Hey there, to answer this question, I've made a video explaining it at a length that can be watched on the morning commute or while having breakfast. Please do make sure to comment on questions you'd like answered in a future video. Please do enjoy and be sure to subscribe for more questions...
  7. N

    Great Article for Tips on Short Story Writing

    Hey everyone, I found this amazing article on how to craft and write short stories. You guys should definitely check it out if you're stuck and not sure where to begin. You'll find a lot of helpful information. Link: Top 4 Tricks & Tips for Anyone Writing Their First Short Story
  8. S

    Old man - New hobby

    Hi Folks, I'm really excited about finding this fantastic website. I started writing as a hobby about a year ago, but have struggled with a lot of aspects of it. I've bought and (part) read a number of books on writing fantasy fiction, listened to pod casts, watched the Brandon Sanderson and...
  9. L.L. Maurizi

    A syntactics issue

    Hey guys! this may not be the right corner of this forum to open this thread (mods, feel free to move it to the appropriate spot, or let me know) Here is the thing. My editor and I got stuck for a bit on a small passage in my book, trying to choose the appropriate verb-tense. Here is the...
  10. Alexandrea

    Does anyone else daydream?

    These have been the main inspiration for my writing. When I was a kid I was a maladaptive daydreamer, which has lessened since I became an adult and my life became more stable. But these intense daydreams are the inspiration of my works. I was wondering if anyone else has done this?
  11. Alexandrea

    Good morning from the east coast

    Hello! I am a very introverted person and thus to be social I have turned to online services. I debated writing everything in poem-form but since I am not familiar with any of you yet, I'll refrain for now. I self publish and have done so with seven books (my first series) and am currently...
  12. unholyGhostwriter

    What makes good dialogue?

    I come from a family of book-lovers and artists, so I've pretty much been reading my entire life, and I've been writing for almost just as long. I've had a lot of people tell me that how I write characters interacting is really good, and not to toot my own horn here but I'm pretty proud of some...
  13. N

    Short Story Entitled: The Superland Enigma

    Just a short story that needs working on and perhaps some improvement. It contains a lot of sci-fi/philosophical themes, which help establish a kind of allegorical nuance. The story also ventures into metaphysical realms of individual experience. Link to story: The Superland Enigma Synopsis...
  14. Cool-Beans

    Anti Semitism & pro semitism in literature

    Hi guys. Towards the end of the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ there is a piece of dialogue between the kids and one of the adults saying that the Jewish people have only helped advance any society / culture they’ve been a part of. Although when I was reading this entry in the novel it almost...
  15. I

    Heyo! Podcast idea for fantasy writers

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi, I'm a big fan of fantasy. Hope to engage in some fun conversations with everyone. I have an idea for a podcast that I would like to create, which will showcase works of fantasy and their authors, from short stories to a chapter to whole novels. If there are...
  16. Koraki Saros

    Greetings From Lysandus

    Greetings, I am a Sci-fi/ steam punk/ fantasy writer. I joined after researching arrow wounds and was led here. Eager to learn more about fantasy writing and be a part of a wider fantasy writing community.
  17. PianoFire

    Good Ways to Keep Everything Organized?

    I tend to be a pretty sporadic writer. I’ll start to write the backstory of a character, and it leads to me writing dialogue with a different character. I try to do world building, but I can never keep track of what everything is or where all the pieces go. I also like to draw out certain...
  18. L.L. Maurizi

    starting a writing blog

    Hey guys! i'll be starting a writing blog soon and i will likely post it on my website, and facebook, BUT i wanted to start using a more specific blog-oriented site or tool. there are lots of options and some research online gave me a good idea, but i wanted to ask you guys here about what you...
  19. Babayaga321

    Writing A Series Out Of Order

    Morning all! Okay... here's the problem. Wannabee writer of fantasy coming back to a series of books I have had in my mind for absolute ages (far too long!), and have four books planned for the series. The problem is that, although books one and four have been outlined (not in any great detail...
  20. RavenLord

    Here goes nothing ...

    Well, here I go ... God bless Nebraska ... I would like to tell you I am a person who quite often comes up with various ideas and stories. I mostly tell them in my head and barely finish any of those. I thought to myself its just my silly imagination. Though about 2 years ago I decided to write...