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Calling All World Builders! - Tales of Elysium Collaborative Project

Calling all creative writers, world builders, artists, storytellers, and creative individuals!

Tales of Elysium is a collaborative project to build an in depth, lore rich fantasy world where incredible stories will take place. We are looking for anyone with talent in any of the above areas who would like to be apart of a community of story tellers and world builders.

We are currently operating on our discord server and looking to put together an initial team of 10 or so talented writers. Once our core team has been selected and some key foundations laid for our world, we will open up the gates to everyone else who is interested in building a piece of Elysium!

What is Elysium? - Elysium is a land of mystery and wonder. An ancient continent surrounded by a mysterious force known as The Veil, which no man has ever ventured beyond. Elysium has a rich history of conflict and war, ancient beings from unknown regions of the universe, mysterious locations, powerful artifacts, and so much more!

there are elements of fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, lovecraftian horror, and beyond!

We are planning on writing a whole series of books that will take place in Elysium. Your contributions could very well make it in one of the books, or even become the main plot!

If you would like to apply for our initial team, please tell us a little bit about yourself in the comments. If we think you are a good fit, we will get you in the server! If you do not make the initial team, wait patiently! We will be opening the gates to Elysium very soon!