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Good morning from the east coast



I am a very introverted person and thus to be social I have turned to online services. I debated writing everything in poem-form but since I am not familiar with any of you yet, I'll refrain for now.

I self publish and have done so with seven books (my first series) and am currently working on self publishing my life's work. It is another series of seven books. I have the first two rough drafts done and am working on the third.

I'm excited to begin talking about like minded people about world building, character creation and whatnot. I also tend to draw my some scenes and characters, if anyone is interested in artwork let me know.


Myth Weaver
Hail and well-met Alexandrea
It is good to have you here
I have found this site a friend place to learn and share
I hope you find it the same.
Leap on in and enjoy :)


Myth Weaver
Howdy Alexandrea, welcome here.

wow, seven already. Congrats. How is self publishing working out for you?