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  1. Trailofstardust


    I've joined this forum in the hopes of sharing my ideas for stories--a few serious works, but most of them are just ideas for my own entertainment and honing my world-building skills. I still have a question about the rules of this site and it would be great if anyone could enlighten me. Is it...
  2. boðisson


    Hi, You can call me Both. I'm not sure really how to do all this but I am very happy to have found this community. Interests? Ah- trying new sweets, rearranging my home space (it's thrilling to me), creating long lists, daydreaming about plotlines and plotholes. I don't read much for fun...
  3. F

    Another Aspiring Novelist

    Hello everyone! My name is Madeline, and I'm a Historic Preservationist currently living in England while I pursue my Master's in Stained Glass Conservation. However, while I love all things history and architecture, my true love is in writing. Since I was in middle school I've built worlds for...
  4. Alexandrea

    Good morning from the east coast

    Hello! I am a very introverted person and thus to be social I have turned to online services. I debated writing everything in poem-form but since I am not familiar with any of you yet, I'll refrain for now. I self publish and have done so with seven books (my first series) and am currently...
  5. Koraki Saros

    Greetings From Lysandus

    Greetings, I am a Sci-fi/ steam punk/ fantasy writer. I joined after researching arrow wounds and was led here. Eager to learn more about fantasy writing and be a part of a wider fantasy writing community.
  6. Eztlirald Kane Clairinda


    Hi, you can call me Ez or Ezzie.
  7. Momtoast

    Intro - Hello from the Dragon Dystopia!

    Greetings all! I am so excited to have found this website and these forums. Looks like a great resource for information and making friends in the fantasy writing/reading community. I have just recently become a published author. I have a short story out with Kyanite Publishing, and I will be...
  8. RoseScript

    Hello! :)

    Hello! I was reading some threads on here, and thought I'd sign up as well. It seems to be a great place to connect, and get help with fantasy writing, which is lovely. :shame: I'm an "author" of sorts, and just generally enjoy reading and storytelling. Especially fantasy stories! Can't wait to...
  9. Jack Mulcahy


    Hi everyone, I am pleased to have found this site and forum. Thank you, Black Dragon, and everybody else, for making me feel welcome. I'm a writer of sword and sorcery, trying to create something fresh and new. So I am working on a saga that can be described as "Conan the Barbarian meets The...
  10. Dina


    Hello, everyone! I am new to forums of any kind, and certainly writing forums. I've always been too shy to share my work, especially rough drafts like the one I am currently working on. Hopefully, interacting with this community will remedy that. I'm writing a fantasy novel set in the middle of...
  11. Tabitha Meadows

    What's My Style

    First of all, hello to all and I am excited to be here. I enjoy reading and writing anything about vampires, demons, witches, and any kind of mythical creature. I love to read manga and webtoons, want to travel to experience the world to gain inspiration. I'm sure I sound weird or strange when...
  12. C

    Another daydreamer drops by

    Hello, I´m Juan from Colombia, I´m a daydreamer and a writer and I´m now working on my world building project almost full time. It´s a sci fi themed world (I wouldn´t say it´s exclusively a novel for I wish it could be a series of games and movies). I realized I was good at writing since my...